Letter of Apology for Poor Services

A poor service apology letter is written in order to apologize to the customer for bad services. Poor or bad services may be due to a quality problem, late receipt, improper balance check, inconvenience, and many other reasons. An apology letter should describe what you are sorry for the poor services. It should assure the customer that such a mistake won’t be repeated.

There may be times when your expectations are not met when delivering a product or service. To enhance goodwill, it is better to issue an apology letter for inadequate or poor service. The letter will help to express your regret and will give assurance for better services to the client in the future.

Dos and Donts of Poor Services Apology Letter

  • An apology letter should not be disclosed in front of anyone
  • An apology letter should be straightforward and easy to understand. It should be written in easy language
  • An apology letter should be written in an authentic way
  • A clear reason should be written in an apology letter which should explain the poor services of the company
  • The letter is not an official letter so there is no need for the subject line
  • An apology letter should be handed over personally as it has a good impact than a letter sent by the third person or by mail or post
  • The name and address of the reader should not be written on an apology letter if it is handed over personally.

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Apologizing for poor customer treatment

Dear ‘Name of Customer’,

Please address this letter as an official apology for the poor treatment provided to you. Due to our staff members’ unacceptable behavior, you experienced bad service.

We would like to sincerely apologize to you and assure you that are staff members shall be reprimanded for their misconduct. It will be our pleasure to continue to provide you with our services.


Apologizing for a Damaged or Defective Product or Service

Dear ‘Customer Name’,

We received your complaint regarding the defective product that was sent to you by our company. After checking in with our shipment team, the reason for the defective product was recognized as an accident that occurred during the shipment process.

Therefore, we would like to apologize for our shipment services. You will find a new product that is re-shipped. Thank you for doing business with us and hopefully, you will continue to purchase our services in the future.


Apologizing for Delayed or Improper Shipping

Dear ‘Name of Customer’,

Please accept this letter of apology for the delayed shipment of the products you purchased from ‘Company Name’. Due to mismanagement, the shipment was not sent out at the right time.

In order to make up for our mistake, a discount on the ‘Rate’ has been given on the product you purchased. Please find the new bill generated attached to this letter. Thank you for purchasing our products. We wish you will continue to accept our services.


Apologizing for Billing Issues

Dear ‘Customer’,

We received your complaint about the issues in the bill generated and sent to you. We have confirmed that due to workload, the concerned department responsible for the bill generation accidentally mixed up your bill with another client. For this mistake, we sincerely apologize. You will find a gift card for our company attached to this letter. Hopefully, you will continue to purchase our services in the future.

Thank you.


Apologizing for a Product Recall

Dear ‘Name of Client’,

We would like to apologize for the product recall that was made due to the shipment of a damaged product to you. In order to compensate you for the mistake made by our shipment team, you will find a gift card attached to this letter. We hope that you will look over our mistakes and continue doing business with us.

Thank you and once again apologies for the product recall.


Apologizing for Canceling a Service or Event

Dear ‘Name of concerned person’,

We would like to apologize for the cancellation of your services at the last minute. Due to an unforeseeable turn of events, our function had to be postponed until further notice.

We would like to pay the bill and some compensation for the hassle you and your business were put through. When we can finally hold the function in the future, we would like to purchase the services again. Hopefully, you will accept our booking.

You will find the payment attached to this letter. Thank you for your services.