Secret Santa Announcement Letter to Colleagues


Subject: Unveiling the Mystery-Secret Santa 2023 Edition!

Dear Fantastic Colleagues, as you all know, Christmas is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with a dash of mystery and a pinch of surprise? Yup, you guessed it right—it’s Secret Santa time!

This year’s Christmas office theme is the Winter Wonderland of secret gift-giving. You are invited to be a part of this festive magic, but first, you must take the oath of secrecy by following the rules. And the rules are…

Drum roll, please!

  1. Imagine you’re Sherlock Holmes and on an undercover mission to draw a name from the Secret Santa Hat. You cannot be seen drawing the name at any cost.
  2. Start some research for mission gift-giving. Stalk your target enough to find out his/her wishes, dreams, and maybe some favorite snacks too. It’s like you’re Santa working on your gift-giving survey.
  3. After the above two steps, you should now be equipped with the perfect gift. It is time to execute a Ninja-level delivery. Place it beneath our beautiful office tree, but if you can make it to their table without being caught, you can even place it on their tabletop. If all else fails, just toss it in the mailbox!

Now that you know the rules, let me tell you that the real magic will take place on [mention the date of the Secret Santa party]. In case you’re wondering, where? Join us in the lunchroom at [mention time of the party] to witness the fun reveal as we unwrap not gifts but laughs and joy. Plus, you get to find out who your secret Santa is! Oh, and make sure to not wear your regular boring office attire; jingle bells are encouraged!

Let the festive spying begin, and may your Secret Santa mission be merry and bright!

Best Regards,

[your name]

Secret Santa Announcement Letter to Colleagues

Letter Sample


Dear [Company Name] Team,

As the holiday season approaches, we are thrilled to announce the annual [Company Name] Secret Santa event! We believe this tradition is a wonderful opportunity to come together, share the joy of giving, and create lasting memories. Most of you are familiar with how this works, but for the newly hired staff, below are the details about how Secret Santa works and how you can participate.

How does it work?

Each participant is randomly assigned a colleague to whom they will give a gift anonymously. Over the years, we’ve had incredible moments of joy and surprise during our Secret Santa exchanges. Colleagues have received thoughtful and heartwarming gifts that have left a lasting impact. These positive experiences of the Secret Santa tradition are worth the hype.

Participation: If you like to participate, please reply to this email by [insert date]. Participation is entirely voluntary, and we encourage everyone to join.

Random Pairing: Once we have the list of participants, names will be randomly drawn to determine who will be gifting to whom.

Gift Exchange: On [insert date], we will come together to celebrate and exchange our Secret Santa gifts. The identity of the gift giver will be revealed, adding a fun and heartwarming touch to the event.

We understand that the holiday season is a busy time, but we believe that the Secret Santa event adds a special touch to our workplace festivities and gives everyone a chance to get acquainted with each other. We aim to make this Secret Santa the best one yet!

Participation in the Secret Santa event is entirely voluntary, but we encourage every one of you to join in the festive fun. Here’s why:

Developing Team Spirit: The Secret Santa is an excellent opportunity to foster team spirit and strengthen the bonds within our [Company Name] family.

Creating Lasting Memories: The joy of the holiday season is all in giving and receiving. By participating, you become a part of creating beautiful memories for yourself and your colleagues.

Spreading Holiday Liveliness: In these challenging times, a small act of kindness can go a long way. The Secret Santa exchange allows us to spread holiday cheer and bring smiles to each other’s faces.

We hope you consider joining us in this festive tradition. Let’s make this year’s Secret Santa a truly special and memorable experience for everyone.

I wish you all a joyful and magical holiday season!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Company Name]

Secret Santa Announcement Letter to Colleagues

Letter Sample

Funny Secret Santa announcement to colleagues

Subject: Top Secret Operation of Unwrapping Fun

Ho-ho-hold on to your giggles, dear colleagues!

The time has come to finally reveal our master plan for spreading holiday fun faster than Santa’s sleigh. Drumroll, pleaaaaaase…

Introducing the Top Secret Santa Party

This secret mission involves surprise gift-giving, secret wrapping, and the most top-notch celebration on this side of the North Pole.

Quickly gather here for the guidelines:

  1. You are now Santa’s formal agent. Assign yourself a code name (think Mr.Elf?) to keep your royal identity hidden. Shhhhhh!
  2. The huge name list is: Pick a colleague’s name from the hat without getting caught; you don’t want anyone seeing you, right?—no peeking allowed! (Santa is watching…)
  3. Intelligence gathering: very quietly, gather information on your target’s wishes, wants, and dreams. Social media stalking is highly encouraged, hehe!
  4. The Wrap Battle: You’re going to need your gift-wrapping superpowers to keep your identity hidden. The wrapper is your cover-up!
  5. Special delivery: In super stealth mode, sneak the gift to your colleague’s desk, in their laptop bag, or under the office Christmas tree, making sure no one sees you in action.

You must not forget that the most important rule of Secret Santa is: You do not talk about Secret Santa (until the grand reveal only)!

Grand Reveal: On [mention date of the party], join us in our super-secret point (our good old lunchroom) for the big reveal and be a part of the joy, laughter, high-fives, and maybe a few hugs, guaranteed.

Warning: Failure to comply with the secrecy oath may result in oh-so-scary consequences.

Gear up, peeps! It’s time to sleigh this holiday season.

Secret Santa like never before!

P.S. Grinch called. He might just join us.

Funny Secret Santa announcement to colleagues

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