Office Secret Santa Questionnaire Template

Celebrating the Secret Santa game in the office environment brings a lot of joy and excitement among all the co-workers. They start dreaming about sending and receiving gifts anonymously and having fun.

At the onset of the Christmas season, everyone gets ready for its events and celebrations. These events are not celebrated just in the personal lives of people. Their life at the workplace also becomes exciting due to various activities such as Christmas parties, Secret Santa games, and whatnot.

Organizing a Secret Santa activity involves a lot of tasks to be accomplished. All the people who want to take part in this activity have to be relevant and active members so that they can enjoy it and make others also enjoy it.

What is an office Secret Santa questionnaire?

This questionnaire is a type of form that is used in an office environment to collect information from the participants in the Secret Santa activity. There are so many questions that all the Secret Santas have to answer to provide useful information to each other, which can be helpful for everyone to choose a gift that they can send to other people.

For many people, it is a big challenge to buy a gift for someone because they don’t know what the other person wants as a gift to be happy. Some people also want to give someone something that they can use as a utility. For this purpose, a document is created in which people are asked several questions that are helpful for others in the selection of gifts for them.

What type of questions are asked in the Secret Santa form used in an office?

Every office will like to undertake Secret Santa differently depending on how they want it to be celebrated. Some offices have a unique way to set a budget that makes participating in this game affordable for everyone without feeling bad about buying something cheaper for someone else. If you are thinking of creating a form for your office, here are a few questions that you may choose to ask:

Personal details:

Any person who wants to get a gift should fill out this form by providing his details, such as his name, phone number, position in the office, and the name of the department.

Questions regarding gift preferences:

There are a few questions that are about the preferences of a person regarding the gift he wants to receive. These questions can be regarding the type of thing they would like to receive as a present.

Since members are aware of the rules and regulations of the game, they know what the total budget of one individual is, and their preference for the present on the occasion of Christmas is also according to it. Questions can be regarding:

  • Color: Some people want to receive a certain thing in a specific color, and they are asked to mention the preferred color.
  • Clothing size: Members of the game are also asked to mention their clothing size. If someone finds it possible for them to send a piece of shirt or a dress as a present, they will know the size and will be able to get it from the shop for them.
  • Name of desired items: Some offices also want the participants to mention the names of at least three of the things they would like to get as a gift.
  • Questions regarding hobbies: People at the workplace often don’t know much about each other. So, they are asked a very basic question regarding what they like to do in their leisure time. This helps other people buy a gift for them.
  • Dietary restrictions: If one of the Secret Santas loves to give chocolates or pastries, he might want to know about the food allergies the recipient of the gift can have. For example, if it turns out that a person is diabetic, he will not receive the anonymous gift of chocolates from his coworkers.
  • Things to avoid: Just like the list of desired items, some offices’ questionnaires also ask for the things a person does not want to receive as a gift. This is also useful for other participants who want to send a gift.