Secret Santa Wish List Template

Secret Santa is an amazing game played at the workplace and in different places for entertainment. Many organizations have this culture of organizing this game in the office, which is played among all the people working in that office.

The purpose of this game is to strengthen the bond between the people, and they start to get along well with each other when they play this game and send gifts to each other secretly.

To let people play this game smoothly and enjoy it, several types of documents are prepared. One of the most commonly created documents is the Secret Santa wish list.

What is a Secret Santa wish list?

A Secret Santa wish list is a document that includes a list of all the desired items for people participating in the Secret Santa game. In this game, every person sends and receives a gift. Therefore, everyone is sure that they will get a gift from someone anonymously.

So, they are asked to make a wish list so that people can know about the likes and preferences of the people to whom they want to send a gift anonymously.

When a wish list is followed with discipline and all the rules and policies are kept in mind, the games are more fun. This is why this list was created, and all the rules are mentioned.

Why was the Secret Santa wish list created?

It is a big challenge for many people to buy a gift for someone because they are not sure if they are going to like it or not. In addition, sometimes people at the workplace don’t know each other well, which makes it a challenge for them to choose the right gift.

Since the budget of the gift is predetermined and people buying and receiving gifts have to stick to it, choosing a gift that meets the needs of the person and also fits within the budget constraints is a bit difficult. This is the reason a wish list for playing Secret Santa was created.

How does the desire list work?

A Secret Santa desire list is distributed among all the people who have taken part in this game. They are asked to mention their details and then make a list of the items they would like to receive.

They are also told the specific budget so that they can choose items whose price falls under that budget. People who are trying to buy a gift for someone don’t feel any pressure or stress because they are bound to buy that gift.

People who fill out this sheet are asked to be thoughtful while choosing the gift so that anyone who has to buy a gift for them doesn’t feel any pressure or embarrassment. Many decent items can be purchased within a restricted budget. The wish list also acts as a gift idea template sheet that can be used later on other occasions to send gifts to people.

What are the details mentioned in the Secret Santa wish list?

The main details of the desire list created for playing the Secret Santa game include:

  • Name of the participant of the game
  • Contact details of the participant
  • Position of the participant in the company 
  • 3 or 4 preferences of the participant
  • A list of things to avoid when buying a gift 
  • Preferences related to the gift wraps
  • Signatures of the person filling out the form 

Secret Santa desires list template:

A template for a desired list is a useful document as it provides a blank document that is to be filled by a person who wishes to get a gift of his choice. The template is usually created in MS Word or PDF format, which is used to fill the empty spaces in the form.

The wish list is a very simple document that includes specific columns that are filled with related data. If you want to tailor it to make it more suitable for your needs, you can edit it. However, if the template is in PDF file format, you might find it challenging to edit it. However, some tools are also helpful in editing PDF templates.