Construction Project Timeline Template for Excel

One of the biggest problems people managing a project have to face is the problem of having limited resources. The most critical resource for every project is time. Therefore, if time is not followed properly, it can cause delays in work which could also lead to serious problems such as termination of the project.

What is a construction project timeline?

A project timeline is a comprehensive schedule in which a project is taken to completion passing through every phase including initial and final stages. The process of creating a timeline includes breaking down the available time into smaller chunks depending on the milestones the construction project team wants to achieve.

Usually, a deadline is provided to every chunk and the project is considered to be successful when deadlines are met. In simple words, the success of the project depends on how effectively a project has been scheduled. For this purpose, a timeline is always created.

How important is it to have a timeline for a construction project team?

A team and a team of professional people can work with each other without a timeline as they know how to achieve different targets and what practices to follow. However, when they don’t use the timeline, they are not sure how they are not sure how much time it will take to deliver the entire project.

Top reasons to use a construction project schedule:

Whenever an action plan for performing any work is created, the schedule is always taken into account. It is hard to find any project team working on any type of construction site and not having a schedule in hand.

This schedule often keeps them active and motivated towards their goals as they know that they have limited time and so much to do in that limited time. Here are some of the top reasons why people are using timelines for executing different construction projects.

It makes the project manageable:

Sometimes the construction team is assigned to such a big building project that seems overwhelming and difficult to achieve in a given period.

It helps in the management of resources:

One has to be very wise while dealing with resources as there are always some chances to run out of those resources regardless of the project budget. When a project manager has a timetable in hand, he also keeps himself and other team members updated about the resources they need currently and also those they are going to need in the future. This way, it becomes easy for them to manage those resources.

You never run out of time:

A timeline keeps you aware of the time the team has taken to accomplish various milestones and the time it further requires in the completion of various other milestones that are lined up in the future. When you are regularly keeping track of the time, you never run out of it and there are high chances that you will be on time.

Ways to create a construction project timeline:

Understand your project thoroughly:

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the project, its scope, and its requirements so that you understand it well and pay attention to its accomplishment. Those who understand the project can create a timeline in a better way.

Identify all the tasks:

It is important to remember that there is no such task that is small or unimportant. Every task that has been assigned to your team members whether small or big is important and identifying each of them is critical.

List all the milestones dates:

Make a list of all the dates on which you are planning to submit a deliverable. Keep track of all those dates later on as building work moves from its inception to completion. These dates will be helpful for a person to know how many deliverables are remaining and what amount of work is required to be done for its successful completion.

The milestones are mentioned with the starting and ending dates to specify how much time these milestones are achieved. This lets the project team predict how quickly they will be able to achieve more milestones in the future.