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Vendor Expense Report Template

An expense report is always prepared when you want to keep track of your expenses. We often create it because we want to get reimbursement for all the expenses that we have faced. Usually, employees in an organization are asked to prepare the expense report when dealing with third parties and paying them from their […]

Market Analysis Worksheet Template

If you want to begin a new business or wish to improve present business processes, it is important to have a market analysis. If you do not have a good assessment of the market, it will be tough to fulfill your business goals. You can also lose out on money, consumers, and growth chances which […]

Letter Requesting Transfer to another Department

#1 I am writing to formally request for transfer from the Department of Content Management to Marketing and Research Analysis. I have worked for more than five years in this department. I enjoyed working as a team member of the content management team and learned a lot. I grew professionally and contributed to the well-being […]

Letter Requesting Promotion Consideration

#1 Hello Ms. [Name], I am writing this letter to you to express my sincerest interest in being considered for the upcoming promotion. Currently, I am working as a [Your Position]. Having worked for [X] years, I always demonstrated high professionalism, dedication, and commitment to excellence. During this time, I was able to understand the […]

Customer Sales Tracker Template

Sales tracking is a process carried out with a focus on all the relevant business activities of the company related to sales that can help a business see the company’s performance. Due to the benefit it brings, such trackers are being used extensively by businesses these days. There are numerous types of trackers. Some of […]

Business Description Worksheet

A successful business needs to have an effective business plan in place. This will lay out what the goals of a company are, how it can reach these goals, as well as when these goals will be realized. There are different sections of a business plan, but a well-written business description tends to be one […]

Advice Letter to Subordinate to Set Clear Goal

#1 Dear [Colleague’s Name], I hope you are doing well. I want to say that as we embark on working on this new project, it would be good for us to set some clear goals for the project. For this purpose, I want you to prepare a PDF document outlining the objectives of the project. […]

Umrah Leave Request Letter to Boss

#1 I am delighted to share with you that my Umrah application has been approved. I shall be visiting the holy cities of Mecca and Medina next month. I, therefore, request you to approve my leave application for 20 days, from the 15th to the 25th of May, 20XX. I understand my team would face […]

Ramadan Office Schedule Announcement Letters/Emails

#1 As the holy month of Ramadan draws closer, we would like to inform all employees that our office timings will be from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM from the 1st of Ramadan which is expected to fall on Monday, the 11th of March. This time relaxation makes it easier for our employees to observe […]

Patient Information Cover Sheet Templates

A patient information cover sheet is a document that is used in healthcare settings to provide a summary or overview of a patient’s key information. It is typically attached to the front of a patient’s medical record or any set of documents related to the patient’s care. The purpose of the cover sheet is to […]

Goal-oriented to-do List Template

When you have set goals in your life, you want to move towards them to achieve them. But sometimes, there are distractions and we feel less motivated and get off track. When this happens, it seems impossible for us to reach our goals. Many people have this problem because they don’t know how they can […]

Individual Expense Report Template

Employees of some businesses incur different business expenses which they pay by themselves. These expenses tend to be unavoidable as they are needed to run the business. This may include travel-connected expenses such as airfare, car rentals, etc. They may be business expenses such as meals, office supplies, etc. They will be related to the […]

Travel Expense Report Template

The global business travel industry tends to be a prosperous one. It does not matter where your business is, travel may be one of the expenses that it faces. It is important to track where money is getting spent and also why. This is if a business wants to operate successfully. A travel expense report […]

Corporate Credit Card Expense Report Template

Businesses of all sizes have to prepare and also respond to the altering market conditions. They may have to create new products as well as services that will accommodate consumers’ wants as well as requirements to cover immediate requirements so that the business can remain afloat. This is why it is important to have access […]

Bucket List Template

You don’t need to take down your plans and past experiences to make wiser decisions in the future because you believe in yourself and are confident that you will be able to remember everything on your own. Still, it is good to have something like a bucket list in hand. What is a bucket list? […]

Mixed Invoice Template

An invoice is used to indicate the pending payment that needs to be cleared by the customer or the client. It is a document that indicates the due amount. An invoice that is used normally indicates the list of items that have the same due date. The bill for all the items mentioned in the […]

Progress Invoice Template

While working on the ongoing project, service providers often feel insecure and in an attempt to protect themselves, they ask the stakeholders of the project to pay them partially. This happens when service providers cannot wait for the project to come to an end as those who are working on it also need to be […]

Errands To-do-list Template

Having a to-do list in hand is always very helpful for people who want to do everything in an organized way. You must be doing all the chores but you might be struggling with their organization and this happens because you are not aware and you are not measuring the work you are doing. If […]

Standard Invoice Template

Almost every organization uses an invoice to provide billing information to customers and clients. All those people who are selling products and services always need to use an invoice. The invoice has nothing to do with the payment method being used by a service provider. In plain and simple words, the invoice is a critical […]

Construction Project Timeline Template for Excel

One of the biggest problems people managing a project have to face is the problem of having limited resources. The most critical resource for every project is time. Therefore, if time is not followed properly, it can cause delays in work which could also lead to serious problems such as termination of the project. What […]

Marketing Campaign Timeline Template

Creating a marketing campaign is no rocket science that is what you will find most of the influencers and marketers saying to you. However, having a timeline for the campaign that is effective and realistic enough to be followed accurately is not a piece of cake.  Although every marketer knows about the goals of the […]

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