Customer Sales Tracker Template

Sales tracking is a process carried out with a focus on all the relevant business activities of the company related to sales that can help a business see the company’s performance. Due to the benefit it brings, such trackers are being used extensively by businesses these days.

There are numerous types of trackers. Some of them are general trackers that help you keep an eye on the overall sales of the company while some of them are such that they are only focused on the specific part of the sales. One of the most useful trackers is the customer sales tracker.

What is a customer sales tracker?

A customer sales tracker is a more specific spreadsheet tool designed by companies that want their sales teams to be focused on the customers. These companies believe that customers are the driving force and that their satisfaction is the only factor that can help them generate revenue by making more and more sales.

Customer sales tracker for Excel

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What does a customer sales tracker do?

This tool monitors and keeps tabs on all those activities of the sales team that are related to interaction with the customers. Such tools keep a record of the interactions with the customers and then measure the performance of the sales team in this context.

Although the purpose is to see the interaction with the customers, it plays a big role in developing a relationship with the customers and they also feel good when they see that they are the priority of the business and are being valued and heard when a company has to take necessary decisions.

What does a customer sales tracker do?

If you want to know what value this tool is likely to bring into your life, you should look at its main workings and features. Here is a brief overview of what this tracker does to help businesses grow.

It collects all the necessary information:

Since the purpose of this tracker is to give plenty of information to the company that it would not have obtained otherwise, it has been designed in a way that is always ready to capture information about the customers. It normally does it by giving various fields to the user where information about the customer is taken down. The main details that are noted include contact details of the customers, name, preferences, gender, profession, etc.

Information about sales:

This tool captures information regarding the sales transactions that have taken place to date. This lets the sales team see if the customer is satisfied and loyal to the company. It usually includes information like the number of products a customer has purchased, reviews given by the buyer, prices that the buyer paid, frequency of the shopping from the business, and much more.

Performance of the sales team:

It is not just the customer who has to play a role in generating revenue for the business. The sales team also plays a critical role and this is the reason, the performance of the sales team is also checked.

For this purpose, there is a section in the tracker that often requires the user to input information regarding the performance of the sales team such as methods used by the team to interact with the customers, meetings they attended to discuss the issues, number of sales made in one week or month and much more.

Metrics of performance:

This tool also mentions those metrics that are used to measure performance. Usually, it is about the number of sales and includes the satisfaction level of the customers’ reviews, and ratings given by the customers, the number of sales buyers have made, the amount they spent on buying products from the business, and much more.

Since this tool is more focused on the customers, it involves every aspect of selling products to potential buyers that can help it increase revenue and make more profit.         

So, if you have a small sophisticated system run by a few people, it will be useful for you to have a sales tracker template and use it in a casual way to keep an eye on your customers.