Goal-oriented to-do List Template

When you have set goals in your life, you want to move towards them to achieve them. But sometimes, there are distractions and we feel less motivated and get off track. When this happens, it seems impossible for us to reach our goals.

Many people have this problem because they don’t know how they can move toward their goals and what they should do. So, they are recommended to use some tools that help them stay motivated and achieve what they have targeted.

What is a goal-oriented to-do list?

It is a document in which some tasks are related to some of the goals a person has set in his life. It is not related to routine work every day. Rather, it is goal-oriented and it is specifically focused on those tasks that you need to execute to be able to reach your goals.

How to create a goal-oriented to-do list?

Although all the to-do lists focus on the targets to reach, some lists are for people who want to become more focused on their targets and stay relevant. So, if you are also struggling to achieve some of your goals, you should create this list and you should also know how you can do it. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

Create a list of things in a journal:

When you have a goal in your mind, you must search for the most practical way to achieve it. If you have found one, you can simply make a list of steps that you need to take.  

Divide the tasks into smaller tasks:

Now, if the steps are too big or there is so much to do in each step, it is important to break them down into smaller tasks and then think of each smaller task as a complete task and focus on each of them one by one.

Sort them out:

Getting to know about tasks and then dividing them into smaller tasks is not enough. You will also need to sort them out as it is not only a smarter technique to reach your goals but it also helps you if you are a multitasker.

You can sort your tasks depending on the time each task takes or sometimes also based on the urgency. While you are sorting, you should also see if there is any dependency between the tasks as it may affect the sorting you do for yourself. so, look into each and everything before you arrange your tasks in the to-do list.

Determine the value of each task:

While you are thinking of adding the task to your to-do list, you should first assess them thoroughly to determine if they have any value in your life. if you determine that they are not that valuable, you can simply put them at the end of the list and execute them when you get extra time for them. Assessing the value will help you stay more focused as you will be sure that you are doing what matters and what is more valuable for your goals.

Set deadlines:

To-do lists become more useful when a person sets deadlines and assigns them to the tasks to be done. When there is a deadline, you become aware that you have a limited time to do your work. Then, you will not put off your work; this will help you stay on track and do all your pending work quickly.

It is essential to make sure that you set realistic deadlines that are easy to achieve. If your deadlines are not realistic, you are going to put yourself in trouble because the work will not be accomplished and this will cause you more trouble and you might start feeling a lack of motivation.

Add review points:

There should be some checkpoints in the list at which you will be able to review the work. At each checkpoint, review your progress and determine whether you have accomplished the work in the given time and whether the tasks in the list need some adjustments in the dates that have already been assigned.