Entertainment Expense Report

There are different activities involved in the functioning of a business. Some activities are in the category of “entertainment”. The business may need to carry out entertainment activities so that it can function effectively. An employee or client may spend money from their pocket for entertainment expenses. These should be communicated to the company so that they can be reimbursed.

An entertainment expense report can do this. It will show the employer where the client or employee has spent money on entertainment for company purposes.

What is an Entertainment Expense Report?

This report lists expenses incurred by an employee or client that they paid out-of-pocket and for expenses connected with a company-hosted entertainment event. It will give a record of the expenses along with a request for reimbursement. You should see the company policy concerning which expenses can be incurred that are reimbursable and how soon you will need to submit this report following the end of the event.

Entertainment Expense Report

The report will allow the employee or client to state the expenses they incurred by themselves for entertainment purposes that are linked to company operations. The employee can communicate this information professionally to the employer and in a clear way with the help of the report. The employer will use the report and receipts attached to it to verify whether the expenses are valid and reimbursable.

Creating a detailed report

The report needs to be made properly by including valid details if the employer is to take it seriously. The following points can be considered when making it:

Choose a good application

It will be better to type the report. This can be done in an application like Microsoft Excel which can help you create tables and do the required calculations needed in the report. Give the report a heading like “Entertainment Expense Report” so that the reader will know what it is about.

Details about employee or client

The personal details about the person who needs to be reimbursed have to be present. This can include their name, post, contact information, etc. The reader needs to know the designation of the employee to see if the costs are ones that they are allowed to incur for the company.

Details about the entertainment activity

State what entertainment activity or even the costs have been incurred so that the reader can know this. You can give the heading of the event and a short detail of it. Let the reader know the date that the entertainment event occurred.

Expense details

Here you will state what items or services you got for the entertainment event. All of these need to be stated clearly. You will describe them and tell which vendor they were purchased from. You can tell the date that they were purchased as well. The total amount of the product or service should be given next to it.

These details need to be present for all products and services included in the table. The end of the table can have the total expense incurred that is reimbursable. You should only include the details of the stuff that is reimbursable. The amounts that you state should be given with tax included. You should include receipts of all the expenses as well because these can be used by the employer to see that you are telling the truth.

Signature information

To make this report valid, you need to include your signature. This can be at the bottom of the report.

A must-use tool for a company

The report will help an employee or client effectively tell the employer the reimbursable expenses that occurred due to a certain entertainment activity that was held for the company. The employer will use the report to see the expenses that the employee incurred and which are reimbursable and connected to the activity.

A company needs to know these expenses so that no employee or client pays out-of-pocket. The company will have an idea of where money is being spent. They can decide whether the extra money is being spent on certain entertainment features and so can cut down costs if needed.