Corporate Credit Card Expense Report Template

Businesses of all sizes have to prepare and also respond to the altering market conditions. They may have to create new products as well as services that will accommodate consumers’ wants as well as requirements to cover immediate requirements so that the business can remain afloat. This is why it is important to have access to enough capital so that you can adapt to any potential changes that occur in the general sales environment.

Credit cards tend to be an effective capital financing for a business. A business or company credit card will be particularly for business use. It will provide entrepreneurs with simple access to funds with a pre-determined limit. It is important to keep proper records of any business expenses and this can be done with a corporate credit card expense report.

What is a Corporate Credit Card Expense Report?

A credit card expense report can minimize potential cash deficits as well as boost the business’s financial balance. It is important to have a safe along efficient way to properly keep tabs on the money spent by employees for your business.

The expense report can help here. An expense report is a form that is employed to track your business expenditures as well as where you will be able to make any adjustments. Employees often complete the form and then break down the expenses that they incur for the company. They will need to attach receipts connected to the expenditures.

Credit Card Expense Report Template

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What does a Corporate Credit Card Expense Report do?

The corporate credit card expense report will be employed to track what your business expenditures are related to where employees have spent money for the business. The expense report will aid in itemizing and monitoring all business expenses that employees have incurred.

How to create a Corporate Credit Card Expense Report:

If you want to make this expense report so that it will be able to fulfill its purposes, you can consider the following points:

Choose application

You can employ a simple spreadsheet that will help you track credit card expenses. It is important to enter as well as verify the purchases as well as other details manually if you use a spreadsheet like this.

Details to include

You will need to add details about the employee who is submitting the report. This will be their name, department, designation, contact information, etc. There will need to be a date along with the amount for every expense related to the corporate credit card.

The type of expenses can be stated, i.e. meals, mileage, etc. You will have to state the merchant or vendor whom you brought the item from and the client or project from which it was bought. You can state the account to which the particular expense will be charged from the firm’s chart of accounts. Additional details for every expense can be included as well.


A row for the total amount of expense incurred needs to be present so that the reader can know about this easily. You can have a subtotal for every type of expense as well as the total cost of the expenses, with tax. If it is applicable you may need a row that states if there is subtraction for previous advances that were paid to the employee.

Receipts as proof

You may need to attach receipts of the expenses that were incurred on the corporate credit card. These will be able to act as proof that you spend money on what you have stated for the business.

Importance of a Corporate Credit Card Expense Report?

This expense report will help a company know what expenses the employee incurred on the corporate credit card. It is a professional way of knowing this and an effective and proper way to inform the company of where the client spends money for the company.

The expense report will state the details of the expenses. This will let the company know about this. When receipts are attached to the report, there will be proof of the claims that the employee has made. This is why this expense report is helpful because it is a valid way of letting an employee communicate these details to the company.