Product Launch Timeline Template for Excel

Product launches are not as simple as many people think it is. It is a complete process that has to be followed for a successful launch of the product. Companies usually feel a lot of pressure when they are about to launch a new product as they want to give their best.

What is a product launch timeline?

To put it simply, a product timeline is a formal document in which a schedule of the entire process of the product launch is mentioned.

There are different phases of the launch of the product and the schedule keeps a person aware of each phase and they know which phase they are on at any point in time.

When it comes to launching a product, there are various phases such as testing the product before introducing it to the market. You can easily find all these phases reflected in the timeline you create for the launch of your products.

How does a timeline for a product launch work?

The purpose of this timeline is to make people aware of things they are doing for the launch of the product and how soon or late. This is a type of document that keeps telling you about everything that takes up the available time that you allocated to the launch of the product.

For instance, a simple timeline not only mentions the work you have done but also the alterations and modifications that you brought in the way,

What are the best ways to create a schedule for launching a product?

If you are someone who is looking for any assistance to create a schedule for the launch of the product, you are at the right place. Every product is different from others. With this, the needs and preferences of people regarding the introduction of a product in the market also change.

Therefore, think about creating a product launch that stands out and also gives you a lot of benefits.  Here are some tips to follow:

Try to understand the target customers and market:

When you are going to introduce your product to the market, you should also be able to predict the reaction of the people. It is important to get a deeper understanding of the target audience and explain to them what the product is like. This will help you modify the product according to the minds of the people before its launch and you will also be in a better position.

Create a strategy:

Before you take any critical step in your business, you need to have a solid strategy to follow. If you work without a strategy, you will not know how many steps this process can be completed. In other words, you need to start working on the launch of the product many months before the actual date. This will help you reach your goals and finish the work on time.

Make a clear breakdown:

When you want to achieve something huge, you are always advised to divide it into smaller steps because they have become easy to execute. Similarly, you should divide the complete available time into small sections and then determine how much you can achieve in those smaller chunks of time. By working in every small chunk of time, you will be able to reach your target in the given amount of time.

Bring everyone on the same page:

To make a product launch successful, it is essential to bring everyone on the same page. When everyone is informed about the product, its launch, and the time to follow to make its launch successful, they all come on one page and they know that they want to achieve a common goal. This makes it even easier for the company to make the launch of the product successful.

You can also choose to use a spreadsheet document that provides a very easy-to-create and follow a timeline that people can modify and put into use depending on what kind of product they are trying to launch and what they want to achieve out of it.