Mixed Invoice Template

An invoice is used to indicate the pending payment that needs to be cleared by the customer or the client. It is a document that indicates the due amount. An invoice that is used normally indicates the list of items that have the same due date.

The bill for all the items mentioned in the invoice usually needs to be paid by a specific deadline. However, there is another type of invoice that is not used so commonly. It is known as a mixed invoice.

What is a mixed invoice?

A mixed invoice is a document in which all the details of different types of transactions are given. It is not always used because most customers have to pay by a specific deadline which is the same for all the products they have purchased.

Businesses that often sell products and services on credit issue mixed invoices. If a customer has purchased different products at different times and he or she has to pay for all of them on different deadlines, the invoice issues all those due payments in one document instead of issuing multiple documents to one person.

Mixed invoice Template

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What are the uses of the mixed invoice?

Businesses have reasons to use the mixed invoice. Some of them are being discussed below:

They are convenient for customers:

When there are multiple due payments, it is difficult for a person to remember when to pay for which of the products or services. They often forget and then they don’t pay which automatically affects the business.

So, they create an invoice in which they mention all the payments even if they have different due dates. It becomes easy for the customer as well as for the company to keep track of all the due payments and their respective dates.

They save cost:

When a business has to issue different invoices for different due payments, it costs them a lot because it’s not just about printing the invoice as there is so much more that goes into it. For instance, entering data for everything they need to make an invoice is time-consuming.

In addition, printing different invoices for the same person and then sending the hard copies of them also costs a business a lot. So, if a mixed invoice is used and all the information is provided in it accurately, a business will not need to have another invoice with it.

It makes everyone clear about the due payment:

When there are multiple due payments with multiple due dates, it often creates confusion. It is confusing for customers as well as for the business itself. So, the invoice which is known as a mixed invoice is used to give a clear overview of all the undue payments. Having a clear overview is important because one can easily manage their expenses and everything keeping in view the pending payments as well as due dates.

It reduces the use of paper:

All those places where paper bills are still issued like to use mixed invoices because it reduces the amount of paper they have to use. This also results in saving the cost and also the environment. Paper bills are posted and sometimes, a person with multiple due payments does not receive all of them.

So, the one he does not receive remains pending and due. This often leads to problems. So, if one invoice is issued, the business can also make sure it has been sent and received by the customer.

Mixed invoice template:

If you want to use a mixed invoice but you don’t want to create it from scratch, you can use a template. A template provides a structured document that is pre-designed and therefore, saves the time of the user. When you are using a template, you don’t need to focus on the design or format of the invoice and you can easily add the details to the template and make it a professional-looking document that is appropriate to use.

You can find a template easily on various online platforms and input the required details to it. However, make sure that you don’t mix due dates with due payments and put the wrong details in different places as it will create a lot of mess.