Letter Requesting Transfer to another Department


I am writing to formally request for transfer from the Department of Content Management to Marketing and Research Analysis. I have worked for more than five years in this department. I enjoyed working as a team member of the content management team and learned a lot. I grew professionally and contributed to the well-being of the company.

As I reflect on my career goals, I realize that my plans align more with marketing and research analysis. Looking at my career plans and goals, I request you to approve my request for the change of the department. I have sent an email attached with the letter of transfer to you. Please approve by e-signing the letter. Thank you.


I hope you are doing well. I request you to transfer me to the [Department]. Currently, I am serving in the [Department] as a [Position] but I want to broaden the spectrum of my skill set and increase the scope of [Working Field] in the organization. This change will not have any negative impact on my professional demeanor and prowess at work.

I assure you that it will help me grow and contribute to the well-being of the organization by tackling new challenges.

Please let me know if it is possible and if there is any specific procedure I need to follow to make it happen. I will be very grateful for your understanding of this matter.


I am writing to share my interest in transferring from [Department] to [Other Department]. Doing so will help me grow professionally by leveraging my skills of [mention specific skills] to a new team. As a part of a new team, I can revive my working energy and contribute to the overall interests of the company.

Recently, I got to know the working structure and dynamics of the [Department / Team] and I was motivated by the fact that the [other department] has a vacant seat for the [position]. As I have worked for [X] years closely related to the [Department], I understand the working nature and requirements of the team. Hence, I deem myself a suitable candidate for the position.

Can you please allow me to transfer to the [Department]? It will be very kind of you to respond to my message.


I hope you are having a great morning. I am seeking your approval to transfer my position as Management Coordinator to the Department of [Mention the department you want to move to]. I have worked for one year in [Current Department].

During this time I learned a lot of new skills but the working nature of the current team does not align with my career goals. I want to work in the field of finance marketing and learn AI-powered skills that can enable me to achieve my future goals.

Overall environment of the entire organization is very conducive to learning. Opportunities to grow professionally and upskill are provided in the form of incessant training and workshops. I hope I will keep learning at the same pace as I am doing in this department.

Please respond to my request and if there are further questions related to my willingness to transfer to the other department, I am available.


I hope you are doing well. I am writing to request you transfer my position to the Department of Marketing and Social Media Management from my current Department of General Management.

I am working as an Assistant General Manager in the department. I manage tasks related to general management of the organization and client coordination. However, recently, I realized that working in management has given me some edge to look into the working dynamics of the Social Media Marketing and Management Team. The edge provided me with a good deal of knowledge about building brands and driving sales.

Leveraging this knowledge with my interest can help me seamlessly adjust to the said department. I will also make sure that my transfer to the Department of Marketing and Social Media Management does not cause any inconvenience to the organization.

I will work very hard and with sheer diligence in my new role. I will be grateful if you approve my transfer request. Thank you.

Letter Requesting Transfer to another Department

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