Letter to Employer Requesting Mental Health Accommodation


I am writing to bring a concerning matter to your attention. My hectic work routine and long travel time from home to the office are taking a toll on my mental health. As a result, my work productivity is affected. I am unable to overcome work challenges, such as short deadlines and demanding clients.

My physician has advised me to make some adjustments to my work routine to alleviate my stress. I, therefore, request you to make some minor accommodations for the sake of my mental health. I would like to suggest a hybrid work model according to which I will work from home 3 days a week. However, I will attend the office on Mondays and Thursdays for client meetings. In this way, I will be able to save 3 hours of travel time on the days I work from home. It will help me avoid exhaustion. Consequently, I will be able to work more effectively.

Rest assured, I will work with complete dedication. Being away from the office will not affect my performance due to the nature of my job. I will be connected with my team throughout the day through phone, email, and video conferencing.

I look forward to your positive support. I’d appreciate your consideration.


I am reaching out to discuss possible accommodations that could be made to make my working hours more flexible. I have been facing some mental health issues due to personal reasons. As a result, I find it challenging to work according to our current schedule.

I believe that allowing me to adjust my working hours would let me be more productive. I, therefore, request you to make suitable modifications to my schedule. I assure you that I will manage all the workload within the assigned deadlines.

This adjustment will lead to some stress relief, thereby allowing me to work more effectively. I am open to discussing a schedule that suits both of us.

Thank you for your consideration. Your support will be appreciated.


I’m writing to discuss an important matter regarding my mental health. For the past couple of months, I have been overburdened with the increased workload. I find it overwhelming and stressful. Kindly consider my request to reduce some of my daily tasks.

I have been taking on an extra workload since XYZ resigned from his job. It has been 3 weeks and the organization has still not been able to find his replacement. As a result, I have to complete his tasks as well. Kindly look into this matter and find a suitable solution.

Till the company finds his replacement, I kindly request you to divide his tasks among other team members as well. I am willing to share the burden, but performing all his tasks alone is beyond my capacity.

I would appreciate your consideration. Thank you for your attention to the matter.


I am writing to request you to make some accommodations to support my special mental health needs. Lately, I have been experiencing difficulties focusing on my work due to increased mental stress.  Kindly allow me to have a couple of breaks other than the lunch hour to help me revitalize my mental energy.

I would like to have a 30-minute break from 11 to 11: 30 PM and then from 4:00 to 4:30 PM. These short breaks will help me unwind a little and regain my focus. I assure you that I will complete my work responsibilities with absolute commitment.

I look forward to your cooperation regarding the matter. Your support would be appreciated.


I would like to make a special request for some accommodations that would help me deal with my mental stress. My workload is taking a toll on my mental health. I, therefore, request you to switch my department from XYZ to ABC.

In my current department, I am required to travel quite frequently. As a result, I cannot spend quality time with my family. Moreover, it is also exhausting for me to travel out of town 2 to 3 times every week. This leads to anxiety and mental stress.

Considering this issue, I request you to switch me to the ABC department where my work responsibilities would not require frequent traveling. This will help me alleviate my stress and work more effectively.

I am open to discussing this matter further. I would appreciate your consideration and support.

Letter to Employer Requesting Mental Health Accommodation

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