Advice Letter to Subordinate on Time Management


Dear Ms. [subordinate’s Name], I hope you are having a great day. First, I would like to appreciate your work and dedication to the project’s comprehensive plan. I went through your work and am inspired by the meticulous framework of the project plan. However, I want to advise you on managing your time effectively.

I have seen you struggling with time management and hence, I advise you to work on that. Mastering the art of time management is a powerful skill that if you learn it once, you will never find yourself in trouble to meet project deadlines. Through effective time management, you will not only be able to manage your work and prioritize your tasks originally but you would be able to harness your team in the same direction. Let me know if you need any help with learning time management skills. I would be glad to help you in this regard if needed. Thank you.


Hello, I hope you are doing well. I came up with the idea of sending you a text message to advise you on managing your time effectively. I have realized that you might need to learn this skill to manage your tasks effectively which will not only help you in task management but will benefit the whole organization.

Time management is an important skill that everyone must be able to bring into practice. Your position at work requires you to be able to manage time proficiently so that nothing lags behind its appropriate time frame. I would suggest you make a to-do list and then prioritize your tasks every day according to the project timeline. If you keep struggling with time management, feel free to ask for my help. Thank you!


Hello Dear [Subordinate’s Name],

I hope you are doing great at work. I have looked into your first week’s work profile. In the capacity of your manager, it is my responsibility to find out where we, as a team, need to work and improve the working capacity of our department. Looking at your working profile makes me doubt that you are struggling with effective management.

As you are new to the department, I want to let you know that in the days of overflux of projects, we always have to work hard to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Hence, I advise you to work on your time management skills, you can use a timer or other time applications to keep track of each minute.

Moreover, you can make a to-do list to conform with the working requirements of day-to-day projects’ comprehensive time frames. If you need more assistance regarding this, let me know. Thanks and wish you very well for your work.


Hello [Name], I have realized that you are unable to break your working day into manageable tasks and prioritize quality over quantity. However, it is recommended that you use a to-do list and minimize distractions at work to complete your tasks in the given time. I will be glad if you improve your focus and use dedicated time slots for each task. Thank you.

Advice Letter to Subordinate on Time Management

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Advice Letter to Subordinate on Time Management
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