Advice Letter to Subordinate on Effective Communication


Hello, Dear Mr. [Name of the Subordinate],

I am [Your Name], your supervisor at the [Organization’s Name]. In the inception of your career at our organization, I would like to share a tip with you to understand things better and stay interconnected with other team members on updates regarding work.

Communication plays a key role in our work system and we always encourage our employees to use a good deal of formal communication and keep everyone updated about work to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. I would advise you to stay responsive, contribute to this formal communication network, and keep me and your other teammates updated regarding project details and work plans. Thank you.


Hello [Subordinate’s Name], I hope you are doing well at work. [Name], please ensure effective communication at work as it is key to success. Your messages, emails, and all other communication methods should be clear and avoid any kind of jargon as our team has people from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, please ensure that you use professional and formal language while delivering projects to the clients. Keep your content and message to the point and concise. Avoid excessive details as they can cause confusion and deviate the reader’s focus from the message’s main content.

Effectively communicating is crucial for a client coordinator as his main task is to sustain a continuous engagement yet formal and professional connection through communication. If you need any help in this matter, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you.


Hello [Name], I have a few pieces of advice for you regarding communicating effectively. Please note that prompt response matters at professional and official workplaces like our organization. Most of our projects demand a lot of effective communication and effort to keep our clients aware and well-informed about the progress of the project and its delivery.

Moreover, responding late, which does not sound professional, should be apologized for. Another piece of advice pertains to the medium of communication. Please note that not all the messages are best suited for emails or text messages. Some of the communication demands formal documents like business letters, MoUs, or face-to-face meetings.

You should choose the right medium by considering the message’s importance and its delivery point. Thank you.


Hello [Name], I hope you understand the importance of effective communication. However, I am sending this text message to advise you to use a positive tone and vocabulary even while delivering a negative message. Communication plays a crucial part in business connections and team networks. Please, if you ever need to deliver a negative message, construct a positive and logical yet brief context of that.

Moreover, use a sober tone that aligns with your project goals and always make sure to satisfy the client by providing optimum solutions. Also, understand the importance of follow-up communication internally and externally.

Follow-up communication tells the sender that the message has been delivered, understood, and interpreted in the right terms. Moreover, we are going to start a workshop on effective business communication soon. If you want to enroll yourself for that, please let me know by sending me your full name, available time slot, contact information, and designation at my email address. Thank you.

Advice Letter to Subordinate on Effective Communication

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