One Hour Off Permission Letter to HR


I am writing to request permission to take one hour off today between 3 and 4 PM. I have a medical appointment and I need an hour to visit the doctor.

I have ensured there are no meetings or client appointments during this time. I will resume my work responsibilities as soon as I am back. I am also willing to spend an extra hour after off-time to complete all my tasks for today before leaving the office.

I shall appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Looking forward to your approval.


This is an urgent request to allow me an hour off from work. I just received a call from my child’s school that he is not feeling well. I need to pick him up from school and drop him at home.

It won’t take long since both the school and my home are close to the office. Therefore, I shall be back within an hour and resume work. I assure you that I will not let my absence from the office disrupt the workflow.

I shall be grateful to you for your consideration and cooperation.


I request your permission for a one-hour break from the office tomorrow at 11. I have to attend my child’s Parent Teacher Meeting during the requested break and will be back within an hour.

I assure you that I will manage my tasks effectively once I return to the office. In case of something urgent, my team can reach out to me by phone.

I look forward to your approval and would appreciate your cooperation.


I am writing to seek your permission to take some time off from work this Friday. I have to visit the XYZ office to renew my driver’s license. I will, therefore, need an hour off between 2 and 3 PM.

You are requested to kindly schedule the team meeting on Friday in the first half. I assure you I will manage my workload accordingly and finish all the tasks before the weekend.

I shall be grateful to you for your cooperation and understanding.


I am reaching out to request an hour off from work urgently. I have to attend to a family emergency and need to leave the office immediately. However, I hope to resolve the issue soon and return to work within an hour.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my absence might cause during this hour. I have requested my team members to cover for me in case of an urgent task. Moreover, I will try my best to return as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

One hour off permission letter to HR

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