Market Analysis Worksheet Template

If you want to begin a new business or wish to improve present business processes, it is important to have a market analysis. If you do not have a good assessment of the market, it will be tough to fulfill your business goals. You can also lose out on money, consumers, and growth chances which the competition can get.

A market analysis will let you know everything about the industry, competitors, as well as consumers which directly impact the growth of the company. If the market analysis is done right, you can develop sound decisions, allowing you to be ahead of the competitors.

What is a market analysis worksheet?

This worksheet aims to assess the industry or market for some product, service, or business. The analysis provides you with an overview of the elements that can impact your particular market.

What does a market analysis worksheet do?

The worksheet can help you assess the potential and attractiveness of the market. You can uncover the best chances for growth. It will be possible to develop strategies that can help overcome obstacles and let you stand out in front of the competition. The market analysis worksheet can better position your company so that customers can be served right. A market analysis provides you with a holistic view concerning the industries that you are interested in or even presently operating in.

Market analysis worksheet template

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How to create a market analysis worksheet?

If you want to make a market analysis worksheet that will provide you with the details you need, you can consider the following tips:

Description and outlook of the industry:

When you are preparing the market analysis, you need to carry out an in-depth analysis of the industry to figure out the present state and your industry’s future. Here you will tell what the industry provides, the size of your industry, any emerging trends within the industry, the sustainability of the industry, as well as the rate of growth plus the growth potential.

Description of market:

Narrow down the data you have so that you can focus on the particular market that you are operating in. If you look at the specifics of the target population, you can forecast how viable the market tends to be and how profitable it can be to sell the solution you have to these consumers. Decide the strategy to receive value from this particular market.

Details about market trends:

Double down upon the occurrences which affect your industry over time. The trends may be short-term, intermediate as well as long-term. Consider how the market began, the way it has evolved as well, and where it is heading.

Consider competitive analysis:

It is necessary to analyze the competitive landscape so that you can figure out who your competitors are as well as where you stand against them. You will be able to get a better idea of what you are facing when you do a competitive analysis. Figure out areas of your business that require improvement so that you can remain competitive in the industry. Remember that the competitive landscapes for different markets alter over time. Depending on the metrics you are considering, you can get different results. Therefore the competitive analysis needs to be an ongoing procedure.

Main success factors:

These are those competitive factors that affect the potential of businesses to thrive within the marketplace. This can include resources, financing, competitive abilities, management, etc.

Details about market projections:

Here you can project financial forecasts, future numbers as well as trends in the target market. You can consider stuff like market segments, market size plus value, pricing structure, etc. here. It is important to get data from reliable sources.

Environmental points:

These tend to be outside factors that exert an external impact on your business. They can encompass economic, social, political, legal as well as technological factors. Even though you only have limited control of the factors, you need to study and add them to the market analysis worksheet. This is because they may improve or even disrupt the business processes.

Importance of a market analysis worksheet

A market analysis gives you an understanding of your market. This can help your company succeed. You will be able to make informed decisions as you will have insight into market trends, key success factors, as well as competitors. You can also know about emerging trends and create the correct offerings for your market. The worksheet lets you forecast potential revenue as well as future earnings and it can help you gauge business performance.