Advice Letter to Subordinate to Set Clear Goal


Dear [Colleague’s Name], I hope you are doing well. I want to say that as we embark on working on this new project, it would be good for us to set some clear goals for the project. For this purpose, I want you to prepare a PDF document outlining the objectives of the project. Please, keep the client’s preferences and other factors in mind while preparing this document. It will not only help you keep goals clear but also help the entire team stay focused and committed. I am looking forward to your prompt response. Thank you!


Hello Dear [Colleague’s Name], I hope you are doing great on the recent contract we signed with [Name of the Client/Organization]. As we are going to start working on this project formally, I suggest you set clear objectives that this contract is deemed to achieve. Setting goals and planning your work is paramount to achieving high productivity and quick and positive results.

Therefore, I would like you to prepare a file of project objectives and send it to the entire team working on this project. Good planning and clear goal setting contribute to achieving a better understanding of the project and achieving desired results. Thank you.


Hello [Name of the Colleague], first, I congratulate you on winning this project which was crucial for us to prove our recognition in the business of construction and development. As we have received the final email of the project from the client, I would like you to set some goals that are crucial to achieve in this contract.

I hope you have all the required data and documents required for the project work. As we set to proceed on this project, please outline the objectives of this project. Make sure that the objectives should be clear and comprehensive and align with the project’s desired results.

You can also collaborate with our client’s assistant to work on the objective and include if anything is missed. I am looking forward to the complete file outlining the goals and objectives of the project. Thank you for doing the needful. Regards; [Your Name].

Advice Letter to Subordinate to Set Clear Goal


Hello, Dear Mr. [Name],

I hope this text message finds you in high spirits. I am sending this message to ask you to list the objectives and goals you and your team have set to achieve for the project signed between our companies and [Name the Client’s Company].  By outlining the goals for this project, you will make it clear to the board what are the prospects of achievement through this project.

Planning and setting practical goals are crucial to achieve high levels of productivity. It will not only help you manage your work better but also set tasks and divide them into segments among your entire team. Being a team leader, you are expected to be diligent and report the project work to my office. Thank you for your dedication and hard work on this project. I wish you all the best for the success of this project!