Letter Requesting Recommendation from Previous Employer


Hello Mr. [Name], I hope you are fine. I am writing to you to request a recommendation for a job application. I applied for a job in [City/State]. To apply for the job, I have to furnish a recommendation from my previous employer. It would be very kind of you if you could provide me with a recommendation that highlights my dedication and work ethic in the field of software development. If you agree to provide me with a recommendation letter, please let me know. I will provide complete information and requirements for the recommendation letter. Thank you.

[Your Full Name]


Dear Mr. [Name],

I apologize for disturbing you on the weekend. I request a recommendation letter from you as my former employer. I need to present this recommendation and attach it to my job application. The chances of securing a job there are very high even despite high competition. Therefore, I want your recommendation to complement my chances of getting the job.

Please note that I worked at your organization as a [Job Position] from [Year] to [Year].

During this time I worked in different positions, thus, I would like you to mention each position highlighting my professionalism and commitment to work. You can contact the HR Manager for complete details. I will be greatly thankful if you provide me with the recommendation before [Date] as I have to submit my job application within the dedicated time. Thank you.


Hello, Ms. [Name],

I am [Your Name] and I have worked as a [Your Previous Position] in your organization. I want to pursue further studies in [Mention your field of studies] in [Mention where you are pursuing studies]. For my university application, I have to serve my working experience certificate and recommendation letter from my previous employer.

I request you to sign my recommendation letter for educational purposes. Please note that the letter should highlight your firsthand experience with me as an employee and your valuable insights into my working ethics, professionalism, and dedication to work. I will be very grateful to you for considering my request. Thank you.



Good Morning, I hope you are fine Mr. [Name]. I am writing to you to request my recommendation letter. I am applying for a training program that is of crucial importance for my work. Understanding the importance of perpetual upskilling and learning in a professional ambiance, I have decided to take the [Mention the professional training program you are going to take] to increment the prowess of my job.

However, to apply for the training program, I have to send them my recommendation letter from my employer. If you agree to the recommendation, please let me know, so that I can send you more details on the training program and other profile details. Thank you!


Hello [Recipient’s Name],

Good evening, I am sending this message to seek your support in the shape of a recommendation letter. As I pursue applying for different jobs in the [mention any foreign country, city, or state], I am looking for a recommendation letter from you. Your kind insights on my performance as an employee and the prolificacy of my knowledge and skills would be of valuable importance.

Please highlight all the points related to my responsibilities at work and the level of my performance. It would help me showcase my skills in a better and more organized way. Thank you for doing this. Warm Regards! 


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Very Good Morning, I hope you are doing well. I, being a former employee at your company, need a recommendation letter. I am moving to [State/Country] to pursue higher education and to do my doctorate from [University’s Name]. To process my registration, I have to attach a recommendation letter from my former employer that should be duly signed and attested by each department. Therefore, I am sending this message to request for a recommendation letter.

I will consider this letter as a huge means of support from you. Mention my credentials as mentioned in my profile and highlight my professional skills and area of work. Your kind insights into my working experience at [Company’s Name] will support my application for further studies. Thank you for considering doing this.

Best Regards!

[Your Name]

Letter Requesting Recommendation from Previous Employer

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