Secret Santa Letter to Girlfriend


Here is a special surprise for you this holiday season. You have a secret Santa who thinks you are the most amazing person in the world. But the best part is the present I have for you. It’s something you’ve always wanted! I hope it adds to your joy this Christmas.

I wish you an amazing holiday and lots of happiness.


It makes me extremely happy to be your special Secret Santa. I have the perfect present for you to enjoy with your family. I hope you understand the thought behind this special present. So, unwrap the gift, as I am eager to see the smile it will bring to your face.

I wish you the warmest, loveliest, and most cheerful Christmas!


Here is a Christmas present to make your holiday more special. As you unwrap it, remember that your Secret Santa packed lots of love and wishes. I hope you have the most special time this holiday season.

May you have a blessed Christmas!


Here is a present for a very special person. Your secret Santa can’t wait for you to open it and reveal your exciting Christmas gift. It’s something for us to enjoy together and make our special bond more beautiful.

Lots of love and warm wishes!


The joyful holiday season is here. But being your secret Santa is what makes my Christmas truly special. Your Christmas present is just a little token of love to thank you for making my life more meaningful and beautiful. I’m blessed to have a kind, understanding, and warm person in my life.

I wish for years of amazing time with you. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Dear [Name],

I am very excited about writing this letter to you. Each word of this letter is filled with the love, kindness, appreciation, and affection I possess for you, my dear. I want you to know that you are the most wonderful human being I have ever met in my life. You make me smile, you make me feel at home, and you always support and love me no matter what. So, first, I am very thankful to you for your kind and gentle presence in my life and for being so wonderful.

[Name], as you know, Christmas is almost here, and I am thrilled to make the most of this festival. I want to be the reason for the huge smile on your face and bring you solace and joy. You know, this season is not only to enjoy the festival but also the biggest break we get from our hectic lives. I love Christmas because it is a time to show love, spend time together, and spread positivity, affection, and kindness. Well, I am writing to let you know that I am going to be your Secret Santa this year.

I have decided to become your Secret Santa because I truly want to add some fun and surprise to our Christmas. I am looking forward to buying something as perfect as you are. I want to give you a present that is as beautiful as your smile. However, I am struggling with ideas and deciding the right fit for this. I need your help in deciding on an excellent present. I just want to know about your recent interest; what is your current favorite thing to do or a favorite color?

If you have something in your mind or any present ideas, please let me know. I want you to like my present the most of all, therefore, I want it to be perfectly according to your taste and wishes.

Also, I want to keep the element of surprise intact and therefore, want you to not directly tell me what you want but hint. I want to serve as a Secret Santa to make this beautiful girl happy and surprised as much as I love her!

I am looking forward to your lovely response. Thank you for being such a kind person.


Your Secret Santa.


To my beautiful girlfriend,

Dear [Name], as Christmas time approaches, my expectations from the festival are getting higher and higher. I want to make it special for you. I want to make this festival a mixture of love, fun, kindness, joy, and surprise. To make it happen, I am going to be your Secret Santa this time.

Well, it might look surprising to you, but I want to wrap the eve of Christmas in the purity, love, and affection that we share. To make our bond stronger and more beautiful, I have decided to be your Secret Santa and buy a wonderful present for you. If you want to hint at some desires related to the present, I am looking forward to it.

At this time of the year, I want to tell you that you are the most special person in my life, and I want to do the most special things for you. You are a kind soul with a gentle heart filled with love, respect, and kindness. You inspire me every day and make me love you even more.

I am trying to come up with the best idea for what to buy for you. I want your eyes to be lit up with joy, affection, and surprise when you unwrap the token of love I would get for you. Please let me know some of the hints on what your recent interests and likes are. It will be easier for me to decide. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I love you so much!



Secret Santa letter to girlfriend

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