Secret Santa Memo for Work

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts and send gifts anonymously to their favorite co-workers? People have fun when they try to know the secret behind the gift they have received and the person who sent it. This cycle of sending gifts is an amazing activity that makes everyone excited.

Everyone is seen buying and packing Christmas gifts stealthily, hiding from each other, and then forcing each other out of curiosity to reveal the name of the person they have bought a gift for. The enthusiasm seen among people is matchless.

Secret Santa is a playful activity that people love to take part in. As Christmas is just around the corner, people’s excitement and enthusiasm for this event increase with every passing day. Whether they are at the workplace or home, they want to think of all those ideas they can spice up for the upcoming Christmas event.

Secret Santa is one of the most adorable and cheerful games that are played by people across the world. This game not only brings joy into people’s life but also binds people together due to its unique theme. People at the workplace are asked to give things to their colleagues anonymously. This way, everyone receives gifts and feels happy.

What is a secret Santa memo for work?

This is a memorandum for the staff in the office to play the secret Santa game at the workplace. Memos are always written to share important information with everyone by issuing a single notification. When you want people working in your company to enjoy some cheerful Christmas games such as secret Santa, you ask them to start preparing for secret Santa.

Employers usually like to see their employees feeling happy and this also allows everyone to send gifts to each other and forget about old grudges. This way, productivity at the workplace also increases.

The purpose of using the memo

When an organization announces to start this game, it also likes to outline several other details regarding the game such as the rules of the game, why this game is being played at the workplace, and much more. The memo makes people know that the game is being played at the office level and that it is a fun activity just to cheer everyone up and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

When to write?

All the Christmas-related events and traditional games are played before 25 December. In almost every part of the world, the last 10 days of Christmas are for holidays. Therefore, workplace celebrations start at the very beginning of December.

So, without wasting your time, issue the memo at the start of December every year. It gives people enough time to prepare themselves and have fun greeting each other. This will also reduce stress at the workplace and give some space to workers who have been working day and night and are now tired of their bland routine.

Writing a professional memo…

Remember the following points while writing the memo and you will end up writing a perfect memo in no time:

  1. Be specific:

Memorandums are supposed to share important information and therefore, they should be written precisely. The information should be shared in such a way that It remains specific but shares full information with the reader. Use bullets to increase the readability and understandability of the memo

  1. Greet everyone:

At the start of the memo, greet everyone and tell them that you expect them to be very excited about the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

  1. Ask them to organize secret Santa:

Let everyone in the company know that you want to see Christmas celebrations in the office. Ask them to organize a game known as secret Santa.

Share the specifics of the game including the rules. Tell them that the purpose of the game is to cheer everyone up and no one should take it seriously. Mention the dates on which the game can be played.

  1. Close the memorandum:

In the end, ask them to celebrate this event with zeal and zest. Provide your contact details for more information. Put your signatures in the end.


All employees are informed that a Secret Santa gift exchange will take place in the office on the 20th of December. You are requested to submit your names to XYZ of the HR department if you wish to participate. Kindly contact the same for more information.


We are going to have a Secret Santa party in the office on the 23rd of December at 5 pm. All employees are encouraged to participate and spread the Christmas joy. Kindly email John Doe at (email address) to confirm your participation. He will share further details with you after receiving your confirmation.

Secret Santa Memo for Work

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