Secret Santa Invite Letters

Secret Santa is a gift-exchanging game that people love to play during the Christmas season just to cheer up each other. This game becomes more enjoyable when more and more people are added to it.

In their personal life, people have so many activities to indulge themselves in. However, at the workplace, there are limited things people do to celebrate the Christmas season. One of the most common activities that no one ever forgets is the secret Santa game.

The first rule of playing this secret Santa game is to ask people to take part in it because only those people can receive gifts who are also ready to send gifts to someone anonymously. So, the first step is always to send an invite.

What is a secret Santa invitation letter?

Secret Santa invitation letter invites people to play this game with their friends and co-workers. It outlines all the details of the game and tries to resolve the issues that a person might think about.

Who invites people?

If you are a game organizer and your job is to start this game, it will be your responsibility to convince people into playing secret Santa. Participants of the game also invite others to be a part of the secret Santa squad and have fun.

When to write?

Christmas celebrations start almost a month before the actual event. All the people across the world feel so much carried away with the excitement and start celebrating and getting ready for the big day in advance. The secret Santa game can be organized anytime during the Christmas holiday season. You can invite people before anyone starts playing this game. So, start inviting people by writing either a letter or an email.

What should be included in the invitation letter?

A subject line:

Every letter is given a subject and so, this letter should also not miss it. It provides ease to the user with which he understands the purpose of the letter and also understands what he is expected to do.


Christmas is an event of happiness and prayers. So, send both in the letter. With this, your letter will look like a positive piece of writing and those reading it would love to join you in this game.


Without wasting your time, simply ask the reader to join you in secret Santa games and Christmas celebrations. Let him know that it is very important for him to be a part of the game and everyone will be so happy to see him playing this game and contributing to making the workplace a happy and peaceful place to live.

Explain the game:

If you assume that the reader doesn’t know about this game, you will have to introduce this game to him briefly. It might be something hard for you to do but, your right word selection will help you in giving an easy explanation. Here, you can also mention that the game’s purpose is only to make people feel stress-free and happy and no one should feel as if they are being burdened by choosing gifts for others as there’s no obligation to buy expensive gifts.

Mention the dates:

If you have decided on a few dates on which you would like to play this game, mention those dates so that the reader can see if he will be available on those dates or not.

Give a call to action:

When you send a letter to somebody, you want to receive an acknowledgment from that person so that you can be sure that the letter has been received and read. So, give them a call to action and ask them to let you know whether you are accepting the invite or not. This will make it easy for you to make arrangements for the game according to the number of participants.

Close the letter professionally:

At the end of the letter, ask the reader to accept your invitation and be a part of your Christmas celebrations. Send warm wishes and prayers at the end once again as you are writing this letter on the occasion of Christmas that means a lot to everyone including you.

Sample -1

We are excited to invite you to participate in our office’s Secret Santa party. Please reply to this email within 2 days with your name and department if you are willing to participate.

You will be informed shortly about the name of the person for whom you will buy the Christmas present. Kindly wrap the gift and place it under the office Christmas tree before the 22nd of December. The price limit for the gift is $50.

We encourage everyone to participate in our Secret Santa activity. In case you don’t wish to be a part of it, simply ignore this email.


You are invited to join us for the office Secret Santa party. It is a great way of sharing Christmas joy with your colleagues. Your participation is encouraged.

Please be informed that the gift limit has been fixed to $30. You will be emailed the name of your giftee once you confirm your participation. Kindly reply to this email with your confirmation no later than 15th December.

Looking forward to your reply.

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