Secret Santa Invite Messages for Best Friend


Hi, Dear friend, I hope that you will be fine. As you know that the event of Christmas is approaching. Therefore, we should also plan something in this regard. I have decided to jaunt outside for some refreshment. In this way, we will be able to celebrate a great day with pleasure and happiness.

I am writing this letter to invite you for a short journey on the event day. I hope that you will double the joy of the event by approaching a time. It will surely be a great experience. I am waiting for you dear friend. Stay Blessed! 


Hello friend, I am writing this letter to invite you to a party that we are going to celebrate in association with Christmas Eve. There will be a lot of activities to do. As you know, music is a great medicine to heal our souls. So, there will be music of every taste. I have booked a sound master for this purpose. Moreover, there will be a dance session too.

At the end of the event, there will be a session of photography. This is for making the time memorable and long-lasting. Make sure that you are going to attend the party. I am waiting for you. Stay Safe. Stay Blessed!


Dear friend. How are you? I hope that you will be fine and healthy. I am pleased to inform you about an idea that I have regarding this Christmas. We are traveling to some peaceful and beautiful landmark on that day. There we will celebrate the holiday with great festivities. We will book a hotel or resort to staying. The event will be amazing if you would come.

I know you are always looking for something related to nature and beauty. So, it is also a great opportunity to discover the colors of nature and peace at the same time. I hope that you will accept my generous invitation. I’ll be waiting for you pal. Merry Christmas! 


Hello Dear Friends! It’s been a long time since we met. Friends are meant to be for each other. They support you in the moments of ups and downs. All the happiness that we see around us is mainly due to our friends. A friend is the one who understands you, who is aware of your situation and who gives you great advice. Friends help each other whenever the need arises. It’s a sacred relationship that translates the true meaning of love.

So dear, here we will rejoice the holiday with great merriments, and I am inviting you to come and join us. I hope that you will enjoy the event by oncoming a time. I am waiting for you. Merry Christmas!


Dear friend, without love life is so boring and full of difficulties. Friends are a source of enhancing the joys of life. In short, friendship is the true force that can never disappear. At this event of Christmas, I am really happy to inform you that I am arranging a reunion for all our friends. In this way, we will recall the memories from the past. By celebrating the event together, we are also going to create new and fresh memories too.

I have been waiting for this event for a long time. Now it’s time to do it. I am waiting for your arrival dear friends. Stay Happy, Healthy and blessed. Merry Christmas!

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