Funny Secret Santa Invite Messages


I am pleased to invite you to dinner on Christmas Eve. It’s a great opportunity to get extra fat. You would be happy to know that I am arranging a lot of interesting stuff. There will be a variety of fast foods and snacks. You will be very happy to taste all of them. Moreover, for sweet lovers, there would be an arrangement of desserts and sweet dishes too. To break your diet chart, you must have joined me at the party. The unknown person is waiting for your arrival as it will make the event more plentiful. 


I want to invite my friends to a Christmas party that’s why I’m writing this message. Friends are true blessings of life. Without them, there is nothing beautiful and cherishing. I have been waiting for you guys for so long. Now with the association of the holidays, I have decided on a great dance party. There will be huge music in the evening. All our friends would enjoy dancing freely with the notes of the music. It will be a source of relaxation from endless tiredness of life. So, hold on for a moment and forget about the fact that who is writing this message. I am not supposed to tell you about my name. Only I am giving you the guarantee of a great time if you would join. 


With the congruity of the upcoming Christmas, I am excited to invite you guys to travel with me. We are going on vacation at Christmas in the countryside. There we are going to explore the true colors of nature. There will be a session on photography. After that for quenching the thirst of our so-called dancers and singers, there will be a bonfire at night. The purpose of this plan is to shift our moods in the meadows of the magnificent landmarks. I have marked various destinations and spots to celebrate the day. After giving all the above details. I am expecting you to come and join me otherwise I would also go alone. I am hiding my identity to make things spicier.


At the great event of Christmas, watching your favorite movies and shows is one of the best things one can ever have. Several movies are going to release this Christmas. You can choose one of them according to your tastes. I am inviting you, my friends, to join me for going to cinemas for this purpose on the evening of Christmas. It would be a great opportunity to get together. We can enjoy the scenes altogether. During the shows, we can also confess and make fun with each other in the form of puns and jokes. I am aware of the schedules of all of you pals. You guys will be free in the eve, that’s the probability of refusal comes out to be zero. Waiting for your generous arrival. I am not telling you my name because I am following the rule of minding my own business. Stay blessed.

Funny Secret Santa Invite Messages
Funny Secret Santa Invite Messages