Secret Santa Invite Messages to Family


Hi. It is a Christmas party invitation for the beloved family members from secret Santa. You have to come on 25th December at dinner time. I am arranging a party where you will find a lot of activities. There are games for adults and kids. A lot of surprise gifts for all. Plus, the secret Santa will exchange the gifts as well as present a special gift to the winner of the event. Celebrate the Christmas season with us. You will be served with delicious dinner and yummy treats. Come and enjoy the party. Cheers and happy Christmas.


The festivity time of the year is on. Everyone is ready to celebrate the chilled Christmas. I do want you to enjoy the day with me; I am your secret Santa. You will know about me when you arrive at the venue. I cordially invite you to come and join me at the party to make the day memorable. Let’s have fun together. Secret Santa will be there to distribute gifts and amuse you. Come with all family members and do not miss the event as it will make the end of year memorable and you willed finitely have the good start of New Year!


Hurrah! Christmas is here meaning the time for celebration. I want that we spend these moments together, so we have arranged the Christmas party. I am decorating the venue with bells, Santa stuffy, chestnuts, and fragrance with special Christmas scents. There is all around the scent of warm coca and special herbs to delight your day. For children, there are a lot of fun activities and costumes. Plus, my wife is preparing DIY gifts for the loved ones. I do want to celebrate the day with your secret Santa. Come to know who am I? Happy Christmas!


Hi, how are you? Secret Santa is here to invite you to the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree. On 25th December at midnight, I am inviting all my family members to come and light the special tree to make our wish come true. The secret Santa also has prepared homemade gifts that will be given to all guests. The hot cocoa, baked thyme turkey and delicious candies will double the fun of the event. We are arranging the special Christmas games, so the guest doesn’t get bored. These are Christmas carol bingo, Pictionary relay, and gift wrap relay. So, it will be definitely fun for you. Don’t miss the event! Come on time and have fun.


Yuppie! Christmas and holiday time are coming. Let celebrate the time together and gather wonderful moments. I and my friends have booked the place for the Christmas party. The popular musician is hired to entertain the audience. There will be a magic show for kids and a lot of games for kids. In short, expect the Christmas Eve full of fun and entertainment. At the end of the party, secret Santa will distribute the gifts. Waiting for you at the party! Try to be on time and enjoy all the entertaining stuff that we are preparing for you.

Secret Santa Invite Messages to Family
Secret Santa Invite Messages to Family
Secret Santa Invite Messages to Family
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