Secret Santa Letters to Staff

Christmas holidays are all about having fun and spending your days doing something cheerful and exciting. Secret Santa is the widely played game of the world, especially in the Christmas season. This game is the best way to engage yourself and others in the cheerful activities in the Christmas holidays.

Secret Santa game

 Secret Santa is a widely played across the world. in this game, people write secret letters or emails to their friends, co-workers or relatives in which they write who they should buy a gift this Christmas. This game is thought to be secret because the name of the person giving the gift is kept secret. In this way, you will receive the Christmas gift, but you will not come to know that who has given you.

Why are secret Santa letters written?

The secret Santa letters are written to staff by the employer or the supervisor when he wants to engage everyone at work in some healthy and fun activity. This activity will make the atmosphere in the workplace more cheerful, and everyone will enjoy playing this game.

The letters are generally written in order to invite everyone in the staff to participate in the game. Although it is not mandatory for anyone to play this game, the secret Santa letter is sent to every single person in the staff, and it completely depends on them whether they want to participate or not

How can you write the secret Santa letter to the staff?

When you have decided to write a secret Santa letter to the staff, and you want them to participate in the game, you will have to write the letter in such a way that everyone can easily understand what you are trying to convey. Here are some guidelines to help you write a secret Santa letter

  1. The letter should be written in a professional manner so that the staff can get an idea about how passionate you are about the game to be played at the workplace. The professional tone will also give the staff the impression that you are trying to engage everyone in the game officially.
  2. When you are asking the staff to buy gifts for each other, you should specify what should be the budget of every member. In order to prevent staff members from buying expensive things, you can mention the list of things that can be bought.
  3. It should be clearly stated in the letter that this game is being played just for fun and its main purpose is to strengthen the bond between the people working with each other. Therefore, they should not take the gifts seriously and focus on the fun they are having.
  4. At the end of the letter, ask the staff members to send RSVPs so that you can know that your message has been conveyed
  5. Read the letter thoroughly before sending it to someone in order to ensure that you have conveyed all the details.

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Sample Letter -1

Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

We are sure that every company employee would be excited about the upcoming Christmas holidays. May this Christmas bring joy to you and your family! The company has also planned to participate in your celebrations.

It has been decided by the board members that this Christmas festive the company would introduce a new way of celebrating Christmas through a game. The company asks every employee to join in the venture. Every employee is expected to bring a gift with himself. All the gifts brought by every employee would be placed under the Christmas tree and distributed among the employees randomly. The company is providing you to be a chance of being a secret Santa for another employee.

Awaiting your response.

Sample Letter -2

Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas is all about spreading love and affection. This Christmas the company has decided to participate in spreading this happiness. The company board members are keen on seeing a smile on every employee’s face before they leave for the upcoming holidays. Therefore, the company has decided to organize a game for all the employees of the company.

All the participants of the game are expected to bring a beautifully wrapped gift with them on the day prior to starting off the holidays. All the gifts would be collected and placed under the Christmas tree of the office. Moreover, the company is also organizing a lunch for all the participants. After lunch, the gifts would be distributed to all the employees of the company randomly.

The motive of the game is to bring joy and be a part of everyone’s Christmas celebration this year. It is, however, strictly advised that the participants do not bring any extravagant gifts and try to stay modest in their choice of present.

The company awaits a reply from all the employees determining their willingness until tomorrow morning (date).