Secret Santa Party Invitation Messages to Various People

To Family

Dear Loved Ones

I am excited to invite you all to a Secret Santa party at my house on Christmas Eve. Let’s gather for an event that’s full of fun and memories.

As our family tradition, we always exchange Christmas gifts with each other. Let’s make this exchange more thrilling this year. We can be each other’s Secret Santa. I will email you the names of your respective receivers. Keep it a secret, please.

Let’s set some ground rules for the exchange. We will not buy anything overly lavish or expensive. Christmas is all about exchanging love and thoughtful surprises. Just make sure it’s a nice gift that can put a smile on someone’s face.

I look forward to having all of you at my house. I can’t wait to celebrate this magical time together.

To Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, 

I wish to celebrate Christmas with all my neighborhood friends. I am excited to invite you to my house for a joyful Secret Santa party on the 25th of December at 7 p.m. Do bring along your spouse and kids—the more, the merrier!

Let’s exchange some mystery presents. Bring a little wrapped gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive—just a thoughtful surprise to keep the Christmas spirit alive. It will help us strengthen our neighborly bond. Sharing fun and laughter is a great way for those who don’t know each other to become familiar. Let’s build new friendships through this lovely event.

So, if you are in for the fun and bonding, just let me know to confirm your participation. I look forward to having you over.

To Colleagues

Let’s get into the holiday cheer and take a little break from our work responsibilities. I invite you to my house this Saturday at 6 p.m. for an early Christmas Secret Santa party. Let’s all gather together for some exciting time with holiday food and mystery surprises.

I know you all have your holiday expenses to manage. So, let’s keep the gift budget low. How about 10 dollars per gift? A nice mug, a pen, or a photo frame would be useful and lovely gifts without being a financial strain on anyone. You may even cook some homemade goodies as your Secret Santa surprise gift. It’s your thought and the pleasure of giving that count!

So, if you are in for the fun, come to my desk at lunchtime and draw the name of a colleague from my bowl. Hurry before all the names are gone. We only have two days left until Saturday.

We eagerly look forward to our joyful early holiday party.

To Employees

We are excited to invite our entire employee family to our annual Secret Santa party this Friday. The event is to celebrate the holiday cheer and let our employees bond together through pleasant surprises and shared laughter. It is an opportunity for everyone to take a little break from work and enjoy time with colleagues.

The party will be held during the second half of the day. You will be pleased to know that the management has decided to give all of you off early. Working hours will finish at 4 p.m. to let all of you enjoy the celebration.

Please read the rules of our Secret Santa event carefully:

  1. Once you have been assigned the name of your gift receiver, you must keep it a secret and not discuss it with anyone at the office.
  2. You cannot exchange the name with anyone. The purpose of the party is to foster friendly relations among our employees. So, even if you don’t know your receiver well, this gift exchange will help you establish familiarity and cordial relations.
  3. Choose a gift within a budget of $50. We want to focus on the friendly and warm exchange through little tokens of appreciation between each other.
  4. Please contribute $100 for food and other party arrangements.

Kindly contact XYZ for further details. We encourage everyone to participate and share the fun.

Secret Santa party invitation message to employees

To School Friends

You are invited to a cool Secret Santa party at my house this Friday at 5 p.m. Let’s lock up the textbooks for a while and celebrate Christmas together.

Here’s the fun part. We will be making handmade gifts for the Secret Santa exchange. Make greeting cards, DIY crafts, homemade goodies, or anything you like. It will be super exciting to see each other’s creativity.

So, are you in for the fun? Let me know soon, and I’ll text you the name of your gift receiver.

Call me for more details. Looking forward.

Virtual Secret Santa Party

Hey Online Friends,

Let’s celebrate a digital holiday this Christmas. You are all invited to a virtual Secret Santa party on (date) at (time) through a Zoom meeting. Let’s turn our computer screens into a festive meeting place!

First things first, I’ll randomly assign the names of gift recipients to all of you Secret Santas through your emails. The gifts will be digital too! E-store gift vouchers, digital books, useful online subscriptions, or simply e-cards. Pick any gift according to your budget.

So, get ready for this one-of-a-kind Secret Santa party. We are going to have a blast!

Please confirm your participation by this Friday. I look forward to the excitement!

To relatives

Let’s strengthen our family bonds through the warm spirit of giving. I invite you, Jane, and the kids for a Secret Santa party at my house on Christmas Eve. It’s going to be a lovely event with all our loved ones together to celebrate the holiday.

I have randomly assigned names to every Secret Santa in the family. You’ve got Lilly and her kids. Please bring only one gift for the whole family. To make it easier for everyone, I have set a gift budget of (amount). You can find a wonderful gift within this price range without putting a strain on your wallet.

Do grace us with your presence. I hope to make new family memories this Christmas.