Warning Letter to Supervisor for Inadequate Feedback


Dear [Supervisor’s Name], I hope this letter finds you well. Recently, I got an update related to the supervisory committee that has been working as a board for the construction project the company undertook recently. You are a member of the board, and your scrutiny of the ongoing projects reflects your kind feedback on the project plans, documentation, practical execution of the agenda, and overall progress.

I went through the review provided, which is well-acclaimed; however, I found the feedback lacking and incomplete. In your feedback, you pointed out the errors and discrepancies, but the section on solutions and actionable steps to absolve the issues and errors has no content. Feedback without corrective measures and consultation is incomplete.

You did not focus on retaining the important and required documentation, which makes the feedback incomplete, erroneous, and useless. You are immediately required to fulfill the feedback demands and provide extensive, solution-based feedback and critical review. Further, such negligible reviews can potentially remove you from the scrutiny committee. Please forward me your next review and feedback document whenever it is completed. Thank you. 


Hello, Mr. [Supervisor’s Name], I am sending this letter to let you know that your recent feedback to the team of research associates is inadequate and does not fulfill the professional convergence of a supervisor’s duties. Your recent feedback seems to be incomplete and filled with discouragement.

Our company does not encourage such critical remarks or the use of negative language in evaluations and feedback. We appreciate the constructive reinforcement of the subordinates and assist them in adapting and adhering to the working requirements.

A supervisor should act as a mentor and guide. Pointing out critical remarks and errors cannot create solutions. As per the above observations, you are required to provide real-time solutions to the discrepancies pointed out in the project plan and demonstrate positive reinforcement.

If such critical behavior is demonstrated in the future, the authorities can take disciplinary measures against you. Please provide a copy of your feedback after completing it. Thank you for your cooperation.


Hello, Dear [Supervisor’s Name], I am sending you this letter to bring your attention to the recent feedback on the Research Review Report of the [Mention the Department]. First, I appreciate your timely feedback and prompt response to the required feedback. Second, your feedback maintains an eminent and thoughtful position in our project’s work.

However, it is observed that the feedback does not necessarily point out specific points and areas. The feedback is about overall progress, areas of improvement, and further prospects, but it does not specify the regulations and working capabilities to cater to the problems permeated in the project plan and progression.

Being a supervisor of [mention the department], we expect you to provide complete feedback involving an explanation of each point and classify the issues according to their specificities. You should also provide solutions to the problems pointed out in the report. We would appreciate it if you reconsidered and revisited your feedback and submitted complete feedback to the Scrutiny Officer to expedite the project plan. We are looking forward to your prompt response. Thanks.


[Your Name and Designation]

Warning Letter to Supervisor for Inadequate Feedback

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