Email to Excuse Boss for Attending Meeting

Oftentimes, we are unable to attend the meeting that is scheduled with our boss. This can happen due to many reasons. Regardless of the reason, we should always have the courage to show up and let our boss know about our inability to attend the meeting. 

It is very important to inform others whenever they are not in a position to attend the meeting regardless of the reason. When we inform others, we save them from having to wait for hours for us to be present in the meeting. It is a good gesture because, through this gesture, we show that we value other people’s time as much as we value our own time. 

What is an email to excuse the boss for attending a meeting?

It is a formal mode of communication between the boss and the employee in which the boss is told that the employee cannot attend the meeting due to specific reasons. 

When to write an excuse email?

You can choose to take some time off instead of attending meetings when you are feeling unwell and you feel that your physical presence in the meeting will not have a strong impact on the meeting because you are unable to give your best due to some sort of sickness you are going through. You can also choose to write an excuse letter when you have some very important duties and responsibilities lined up and you want to pay more attention to those duties instead of attending the meeting. 

How to write an excuse email?

The following information is vital to know to write a perfect excuse email.

Give meeting information:

You can assume that the reader is aware of the meeting details and you don’t need to give them here again. However, you should understand that your boss has many meetings in a day and therefore, you should give details so that you can easily make your boss recall the scheduled meeting. Mention the time and date on which the meeting is supposed to happen and in some cases, you can also mention the agenda of the meeting that you had to discuss. 

Keep your email professional:

Since you are writing an email to your boss to excuse, you should know what professional excuse emails look like. In this email, your tone as well as your choice of words should be professional so that you can sound more professional and well-mannered. 

For example, when you are talking about your illness, you don’t need to be informal and start giving irrelevant details. Rather, use fewer words to explain your illness and don’t go into long details. 

Discuss what you expect:

When you write an excuse letter to your boss, you usually expect him to understand your situation and then accept your excuse. You can also request your boss to understand your situation and excuse you for not being able to attend the meeting. 


No matter how solid a reason you have for not attending the meeting, you should always keep this fact in mind that the boss also goes through a little inconvenience. Therefore, you should be ready to apologize for not being able to attend the meeting. 

Read the sample email given below if you want to write a perfect email to your boss:

Sample email:

Dear sir, 

I am writing this email to regretfully inform you that I will not be able to make it to the meeting today because of illness. The meeting was scheduled on 10th March 2045 at 10 am with you.

I was ready to attend the meeting but I had a severe injury this morning in the ankle. My doctor has asked me to take bed rest for at least two days. Due to this, I can’t attend the meeting that is going to be held tomorrow. In addition, I did not prepare the meeting minutes also. Therefore, I am not ready for the meeting.

It is humbly requested you to please excuse me for not attending the meeting. I apologize for causing you inconvenience in any form. I look forward to your kind response.


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Email to Excuse Boss for Attending Meeting

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