Excuse Letter for Not Attending Training Due to Illness

We often have to give an excuse in our personal and professional life when we realize that certain things are being expected from us and we are unable to meet those expectations. Writing an excuse formally is not something negative as many people take it as a bad gesture. When you write an excuse, you show that you have immense respect in your heart for the person. However, sometimes you write an excuse letter because you want to prevent several bad things from happening, especially in the professional world. 

What is an excuse for not attending training due to illness?

Many times, we find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to attend a training program initiated by the organization we work for. When this happens, we will be answerable to the company for not attending the training. Therefore, we should write an excuse letter and let the reader know that we have a reason that makes sense. 

When to write?

When a company starts a training program, it requires people from a particular department to get enrolled in it. So, even before the program starts, they want people to pay the fee or fill out the registration form. If you are ill and you believe that attending the training session will have a negative impact on your health, you should write an excuse letter. In some cases, people who are already attending the training program want to take a break from it and therefore, they come with an excuse letter for not attending it because of sickness. 

How to write an excuse letter for not attending the training due to illness?

Writing an excuse letter requires you to be very careful as to how to draft the reason for not attending the training session. You should keep this fact in mind that your excuse might offend the trainer who has been putting effort into organizing a training session for every person working in a company. However, when you write the letter and state that you have a solid reason for missing the training program, you don’t offend the reader. Here are some useful tips for effectively writing an excuse letter:

Respectfully inform about your decision:

It is very important to remain respectful especially when you are writing an excuse. Start the letter by letting the reader know that you are unable to attend the training session because of illness. If you want to skip only a part of a program, you should mention the dates on which you will not be present. 

State the reason:

Let the reader know that you are not feeling well and this is the reason you have decided to not attend the training. Discuss the health issues you have been going through and also mention how you will face serious issues due to attending the training program. 

Send apologies:

You should apologize to the reader for not attending the training program as these programs are organized for people’s betterment so that they can grow in their respective areas of work. So, if you don’t attend the program due to sickness, you might offend the reader but giving a solid excuse and then apologizing even though you have a reason to not attend the program will not offend the reader and he will accept the excuse. 

Sample letter:



Name of the company, 

Subject: Excuse letter for not attending the training 

Respected sir, 

With due respect, I am ______________ (mention your name), work as a sales manager in your esteemed company. My employee ID is KEP123. 

This letter is being written to state that I will not be able to attend the training program which I registered for and which is going to be held on the 26th of March 2033 due to very severe pain in my back. My doctor has advised me to not sit for a prolonged period of time. However, in the training session, I will have to sit for a long period of time which will cause more trouble for me in the long run. 

Please excuse me for this training session. I assure you that I will attend the next session. 

Thank you so much for understanding my situation. 


Name of the employee


Excuse Letter for Not Attending Training Due to Illness

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