Secret Santa Thank You Messages


My dear Jane, this is a secret Santa message for you from an unknown person. You will be shocked who this person is but I will not give you any hints otherwise my surprise will lose its meaning. I am sending a surprise gift on your way and along with it sending my precious wishes and prayers on this festivity. As you are struggling with indisposition so I wish you a healthy come back towards life and may all things that make your blood boil wipe away from your life. May you be blessed with a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas to you Jane.


Hello Martin, I am your secret Santa and wish you a fantastic holiday. I am sending a lot of gifts on your way on account of Christmas and you will get them in one day. I want to say thank you for being an amazing friend to me. you will be guessing now who I am but I will keep it secret. You are definitely going to be happy after receiving your gifts. I pray this day brings a lot of merriment and excitement into your life. Kindly give me your feedback after receiving the gifts and I hope you will love them all.


Hope everything is going well around the corner. Where have you been for the past few weeks, I was missing your presence. You may be wondering now but I want to make you surprised. I wish you all the success and good luck in your coming life. I know that this Christmas is going to be different for you because of your sister’s death but I know you have the stamina to combat hardships. I pray your sorrows to turn into joys. I am our secret Santa and sending you my cordial wishes on Christmas. May you be blessed with happiness and never forget to smile.


I really appraise Secret Santa’s idea as it is definitely a magnificent one. While remaining unnamed one can easily squeeze out their happiness and indebtedness to the furthest extent. To say thanks to your never-ending assistance and beyond belief diligence,

I am sending a secret gift on your way and throughout the month will pursue to do so to squeeze out my warm wishes and thanks. I know you have a simple nature and do not like fancy things so I have sent you gifts avoiding extravagance. I am sure you will love the gifts and I have bought them by keeping in view your taste. I hope to see you soon after Christmas.


Dear Marlow, as you know Christmas is coming soon and this is secret Santa week and we will be on Christmas holidays soon. So, I am immensely delighted that I found the opportunity to be your secret Santa. With the help of this message, I want to say thank you for providing me with your continuous support and providing me a helping hand whenever I was in need of it. I am sending you a small token of my love and I am hopeful you will love it. Be prepared to receive more gifts throughout the week. Merry Christmas to you and keep shining always.


Hello Steward, I have left you a blushing and marvelous gift and I am hopeful you will love it. I am so proud to be your Secret Santa. Being a secret Santa is a long-established bedizen of New York and one feels very congenial with it. I know you have deep love to know about the traditions of my culture and I feel much honored for this.

For this reason, I decided to send you a unique gift that will be exact replica of my culture. You always make efforts to impart good in me so I had a wish to recount to you too. I had this uttermost gratification to be your Secret Santa and I hope you will love all the gifts I am sending your way. A very enchanting Merry Christmas to you.


I know you will get astonished after receiving this gift. You must be filled with amazement and will be curious to know me. keep forging speculations as I am not going to reveal my name. Please accept my surprise gift as it is a token of appreciation for the assistance and love you provided me throughout my life.


I have a great love for all my staff and treat them equally. I am your Secret Santa and want to express my gratitude to you for maintaining solidity and firmness in ABC Enterprises. Without your endeavors, the company could not attain the level of success which it is today. You all deserve something fantastic and marvelous as a reward.

So, I am sending amazing gift hampers on your way to pay my gratitude to you without revealing the name of the sender. I hope your happiness will get doubled after receiving the gifts. Merry Christmas to you my endeared workers.

Secret Santa thank you message