Thanksgiving Day Messages to Friends Family & Employees


Thanksgiving Day always brings with it a lot of exhilaration, anticipation, and elation we always wish for. Barka Group of Industries on this auspicious occasion is announcing five days’ holidays to its employees starting from 23rd November to 27th November. All kinds of official work will not be dealt with during these days. It is the festivity of bizarre enchantment, so everyone wants to commemorate it with close friends and loved ones.

Our industry for the same reason has announced holidays so may its employees make some good memories with family. This message is a little reminder to you so may you design your holiday schedule accordingly. Happy Thanksgiving Day!


The propitious and mesmerizing days are coming as Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and for this reason, Jazz Company has decided to formalize this day in a unique manner. To discuss the things a detailed meeting was held yesterday and it was decided unanimously that due to the current peak in Covid cases the company will not arrange a Thanksgiving party this year. Instead of this walk-through jamboree will be held where all the employees will be handed over amazing gifts on the basis of their dedication to the organization as we know this event’s virtue.

The walk-through party will start from 6 pm to 9 pm on 12th November and will be held in ABC Banquet. Please make sure you are present at the party and come a little earlier.


Hello, my sweet friend Susana, hope you have been doing well. Over the years our friendship has grown much stronger, and I thank God daily to give me the beautiful gift of my life in form of you. This message aims to let you know how deep my love is for you and no one can measure it. I feel contented and lucky that I have someone around me with whom I can share my all happiness and griefs.

The mere thought of you satisfies my mind and I do not feel alone even for a second. As you know Thanksgiving Day is coming so to solemnize the event, I have arranged a small party for my close friends and cousins and you are congenially invited to the party to add more colors to it. I hope you will come and we will spend a wonderful time together.


As you all know that Thanksgiving Day is a mesmerizing festivity that is meant to celebrate with loved ones and close friends. It is an event that vanishes away despair and brings merriment and cheerfulness. But the increase in Covid cases has submerged our aspirations and cheeriness. For this reason, a Thanksgiving party has been arranged in ABC Garden’s Café to uphold the spirit. To ensure the safety of our employees all covid precautions will be strictly followed.

The festivity will have the same enthusiasm and eagerness like before so do not miss the opportunity and be a valuable part of the Thanksgiving party. You all requested to come wearing masks and use sanitizer to avoid any unsettling. I am hopeful that this year we will make the day memorable by following all precautionary measures.


Hello, Rose hope you will be as sweet as roses. As you know Thanksgiving is a window of opportunity to admire and cherish the people that have played a significant part in making our lives joyful by all means. This is a festivity to gauge and appraise to those friends and family that mean us a lot and add meaningful colors to our lives. My sweet Rose, through this message I want to express my love for you and I am indebted to you for what you have done for me.

To celebrate the day, I have arranged a small party in your honor and your participation is a must in it. Without you, the event will lose its charm. The party will be held on 25th November at my place and will start at 7 pm. Ensure your presence at the party.


Bundle of thanks to you for being a wonderful part of my life. May this Thanksgiving Day bring with it a lot of merriment, excitement, and cheerfulness. As we thank all those that have a positive impact on our lives in any way, so I am thanking you for all you have done for me. Happy Thanksgiving Day Clein.


Happy Thanksgiving Day Jennifer. Today marks the day to be appreciative and obliged for all exceedingly marvelous and delightful things we are blessed with. I wish you endless joy and love on this day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day message