Secret Santa Messages for Crush


Hello Lopakhin, I have a deep love for you and complement you secretly. You will not have known this before and I am just a best buddy to you. By not revealing my name I am exposing my love feelings for you. I have chosen you as my Secret Santa and God has also given some hints to me. On this Christmas, I have amazing revelations for you. Firstly, I have sent gifts on your way and secondly, I will confess my love feelings to you in person. I am hopeful that you will accept my proposal. You will be astonished now that who I am and here, I am enjoying by keeping you surprised. I am waiting for Christmas evening, and I hope you will wait too. Merry Christmas to you.


Finally, that time of the year has come when everybody remains busy buying presents for the persons they love. Through this message, I have found the opportunity to disclose my secret love for you. You mean the world to me. You will be trying to guess my name but you cannot predict it. I hope that after having your gift in hand you can guess my name. My love for you is immeasurable and I cordially wish you good health and happiness. May you find the best of both worlds. Merry Christmas to you, the love of my life. 


I can guess the level of your happiness after receiving the surprise gift hamper as I have chosen the best for you. My eyes eagerly wait to see the happiness on your face as you are the world to me. You are my Secret Santa and I cannot wait for Christmas eve when I will have you in person. Have a great Christmas ahead my love.


It is so much gratification and amusement for me to have you as my Secret Santa. Every year, it brings a lot of merriment along with it as it is all about love and care. I have tried to express my love feelings for you in form of a surprise gift and I hope you will love it. Merry Christmas to you Elizabeth. Enjoy the day to its fullest.


Hello Hazel, here is your secret lover from the South pole and wishes you exuberance, exaltation, and amazing life. For Christmas, I have picked you out as my Secret Santa and I pray that you achieve everything in your life you have dreamt of and be in the protection of God always. Merry Christmas my love.


Who could have guessed that Secret Santa’s balloting will prove great fun and I will choose you as my secret Santa? I wanted to amaze you by sending you a mesmerizing present. Finally, I got succeeded in finding the book of your interest. I am much happy with your choice of books and after knowing that you are fond of Jane Austen’s novels I was really amazed. You are my perfect match and I adore you. I hope you will love my present and will give me your positive feedback. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your holidays.


This year I have tried to amaze my Secret Santa with a unique plan by hiding gifts at different places in your home. Enjoy yourself in finding the gifts and guess my name. I hope after finding all gifts you will come to know who I am, but I gamble you cannot. Merry Christmas sweetheart.


One cannot express the feelings of love in words as it is indescribable. Having a spirit of love in our hearts we strive to live. On account of Christmas, I am sending my cordial wishes to you. As you know well that everyone gets busy sending gifts to their Secret Santa on Christmas so, I thought to send you a gift too. You are the part and parcel of my life and I want to spend every moment of my life with you. It was a remarkable encounter to have you in my home last week. I have provided you an obvious hint to guess my name but I am pretty sure you cannot guess it.

I wish you endless happiness and bizarre enchantment in your life. finding true love in today’s materialist world is a hard nut to crack but I consider myself fortunate that I have you. May you remain in Jesus’s blessings forever and enjoy Christmas at its fullest. Merry Christmas my Secret Santa.

Secret Santa messages for crush