Debit Invoice (Debit Note) Template for Excel

Debit invoices are also being used in businesses extensively as they perform the same job as the conventional invoice. However, there are some differences. Invoices are used to show the total amount that the customer has to pay. On the other hand, the debit note tells how much return or exchange needs to be adjusted on a particular transaction. Some businesses issue debit notes on their own while some issue them only when they are requested.

What is the appropriate time for using the debit invoice?

Usually, when a business sells its products and services, it issues invoices that indicate that the business is charging the customer against the services or products it has sold. The bill is an indication that the business is requesting the payment professionally. However, when products and services are not in the normal scope of the business, then an invoice does not serve the purpose. Rather, it uses the debit invoice or debit note.

A debit note is helpful when there is a need to distinguish between a regular transaction that takes place with the help of the invoice. A debit note normally indicates an unusual transaction between the business and its customers.

Debit Invoice

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How does a debit note work?

There are many such situations when a business makes mistakes during the transaction. These mistakes are known as business errors. Due to these errors, the product is often returned. When a customer makes a formal request to return a product due to a mistake of business, the vendors or suppliers have to return the amount the customer had paid them.

The customer also requests for the return of the funds and the company that does not issue the refund immediately often issues a debit note which is proof that the customer will be paid in the next transaction. In case of the return of funds, this note is also kept as proof that the funds or the transaction is being reversed.

The amount that is always mentioned on the debit note is an indication that it will be reimbursed by the business in the next transaction. The customer who regularly purchases products from the business comes to know that the amount will be reimbursed and they should wait for the next transaction.

What is the basic purpose of using debit notes?

The basic objective of issuing a debit note is always to make a client or a buyer understand that the amount will be reimbursed in the next transaction and they don’t need to worry about it.

Wherever there are a lot of transactions in a company, it is very common for a business to make adjustments to the money it sends and receives. So, using a debit note is inevitable. They are different from regular invoices but they have a very critical role to play. When a company has to issue an invoice to its customer that is at a lower price than the actual price, it will have to make adjustments in the next transaction to cover up. For this, it will issue a debit note.

Debit invoice template:

When you want to make adjustments based on the transactions that take place between you and another party, you will be in the indeed to use the debit note. A person who has to deal with finances doesn’t often find time to create and then use the debit note as he often has a lot on his plate. Therefore, he tries to look for an easy way out. They like to use an invoice template.

A template is a structure of an invoice that any person or company can adopt. This structure makes it easy for people to design the template. It is a professional-looking document that impresses customers and they start to feel that a business has a professional approach. Due to this, they also start to trust the business and its commitment to them.  

The template is a great way to save your time and energy. The saved time can be used for doing something more productive and useful. In addition, a person can easily create a debit note that is perfect in terms of structure and format.