New Client Introductory Letter

A letter written to the consumer to introduce your services is known as an introductory letter. The letter is a great way to explore your business. A good introductory letter should contain all the necessary information about your business. It should also have all the information about the services that you offer.

If you want to write an introductory letter and don’t know how to start it, then you can go to our website and take advantage of our ready-made introductory letter formats.

A well-written introductory letter to a new client can create a good and positive impression on your business. But if you make a few common errors, then the letter will be tossed before the client finishes reading it. So, to avoid any errors, you can go for ready-made introductory letters that are available on our website only for your convenience.

A good introduction letter is just as good as a personal introduction. A new client introduction is an important part of acquiring new customers, especially when your business focuses on personal relationships.

The things that will make a good impression on your introductory letter include:

  • Show your new clients the value of your business
  • Introduce your company to new clients officially
  • Reassure new clients that they made the right decision in choosing the services provided by your company
  • Provide the correct contact information so that the clients can contact you
  • Convince the clients that you are offering the best services

Preview and details

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A business introduction letter to a new client

Dear ‘Name of client’,

We would like to thank you for purchasing our services. Please address this letter as an introduction to our business. Our business was established with the aim of ‘aim’. With that in mind, we provide our clients with the best services [X].

Our other services and products include: ‘Explanation’

If you have any further queries, please contact us at [Contact] or email us at [Email].

I look forward to doing business with you.


Letter introducing yourself to the client

Dear ‘Name of Client’,

I, ‘Name’, am the ‘job title’, and I would like to thank you for contracting with us.

During my time at this company, my occupation has allowed me to deal with our clients on a personal level. Therefore, I specialize in ‘Specialization’. My other skills include ‘Skills’.

Furthermore, while doing business with us, I will be providing you with ‘Services’. I hope we get along well.

Looking forward to working with you,


Account manager introduction letter to clients

Dear ‘Name of Client’,

My name is ‘Name’ and I am the account manager at ‘Company Name’.

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce you to my occupation and the services that I will provide to you while you are working with us. I specialize in dealing with ‘job descriptions’ and so I will be managing ‘tasks’.

If you have any queries related to my department, you can directly contact me at my email address [email] or my phone number [phone]. Our department is located on the ‘Number’ floor where you can visit us on the date of the meeting of our companies.

I look forward to working with you.


Company introduction letter for new business

Dear ‘Name of Business’,

I, ‘Name’, as the ‘Job Title’ of the ‘Company Name’, would like to welcome you to our company. Please address this letter as an introduction to our company and our work.

Our company was established in ‘Year’ as a ‘Company Aim’. Since then, we have been working towards our goal, which is to ‘goal’. With experience in (skills and experience), our company specializes in ‘Specialization’.

While our company provides you with our services, you will experience (service’s description).

If you have any queries, please contact us at [email or simply call us at [X]. The link to our company website is [X], where you can find out information about our company. We look forward to your attendance on ‘Date’ and ‘Venue’ for our meeting.


Introduction letter to existing clients

Dear ‘Name of Client’,

I am ‘Name’ and I will be taking over for ‘Name of Previous Employee’ as the new ‘Job Position’. Due to some circumstances, ‘Name of Previous Employee’ had to leave our organization.

I have worked as a ‘work experience description’, and so I specialize in [X] skills and specialization. During my time working with you, I will be providing you with ‘Services’; therefore, if you have any queries regarding ‘Department Name’, you can contact me using the information provided below:

‘Contact Number’,

‘Email Address’.

Hopefully, we will work well together. I look forward to providing you with my services.