Letter of resignation due to conflict with boss

If you have been involved in a conflict with the boss in the workplace that has become so unpleasant that it will not only affect your quality of work but also your personal life, then you can send a letter of resignation to your boss.

If you think that resignation is the only solution to this conflict, then you can write a formal letter of resignation to your manager or CEO. So, here is a guide that will help you write a resignation letter under such circumstances.

You may be upset by such a situation, but you should write a letter of resignation truthfully and formally. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors in your letter. So use proper grammar and letterhead.

A letter of resignation is a type of formal letter that includes three paragraphs. You should summarize your conflict and write it briefly.

You should provide all the effective dates of the letter. You should add some other important details, like when the conflict began. What was the reason behind the conflict? etc. You should also thank the boss for the job that he has appointed you to his company. 

Don’t forget to keep a copy of this resignation letter for your records. Make sure that both the HR department and the boss have copies of your resignation letter due to conflict. The letter should be written professionally.

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Letter of resignation due to conflict with boss

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Resignation letter due to the bad behavior of the boss

Dear [Name of Service Provider],

Please address this letter as a resignation notice from my post at [Job Title].

During my time here, I have been able to learn many new skills and abilities, for which I am very thankful. However, for the past few months, I have been on the receiving end of bad behavior from my boss. Even though I have made many complaints to his supervisor, there has been no change. Due to this bad behavior, I have not been able to show my full potential while working on the last few assignments. Please consider this letter as my 30 days’ notice, effective immediately.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to work here at [Name of Company].

Resignation letter due to unprofessional behavior of the boss

Dear [Name of Service Provider],

I am sending this letter to you as an official resignation notice.

I have been working at this organization for [Number] years. My first occupation was to work as [Job Title], and after years of skill-building and gaining working experience in the same environment, I was able to become [Job Title]. My journey to this occupation has been filled with a lot of learning opportunities and good relationships with my peers, and for this, I am very thankful.

However, my work quality and mental health have been suffering since I started working under [Name of Boss]. Due to his ignorant and pride-filled behavior, I have been unable to work to my full potential. There have been a few instances where, due to poor communication on his part, I have been wrongfully blamed for late work submissions. My complaints to his supervisor have not been helpful either. Therefore, I am resigning from my current post as [Job Title].

Thank you for providing me with this great opportunity to work at ‘Name of Company’. Hopefully, you will understand my position.

Resignation letter due to discriminatory behavior of boss

Dear [Name of Service Provider],

Please consider this letter my resignation letter from my post as [Job Title].

During my time here at [Company Name], I have been provided with incredible opportunities that have helped me improve and build my skills. There have even been instances where I have been able to learn skills that are separate from my work field. For such opportunities, I am very thankful.

However, the discrimination shown by my boss while working on assignments has been affecting not only my work but also my mental health. There have been many occasions where my colleagues have been referred to at a higher level than me. Due to such cases, I have ended up being blamed for not providing work that meets the required standards of the company.

Even after making complaints about his discriminatory behavior, I have still been suffering. Therefore, I request that you accept my resignation. I will be working at the company in my current position until [Date].

Thank you, again, for providing me with this incredible opportunity to work at [Name of Company]

Best Regards.