Letter correcting invoice that undercharged

A letter correcting the invoice that was undercharged is associated with a bill that is corrective. A corrective invoice letter is generated when the corrections in the bill are made. The letter can be written as the result of corrections made for the charges or simple corrections to any charges.

Contents Included in Letter of Correction Invoice

The contents which must be included in the letter are as follows:

  • The information of the customers includes address and name.
  • Information about the previous bills which includes billing period, bill number, and the billing date.
  • The information on the corrective bill includes the due date of the new payment and the corrective number of the bill.
  • The total of all bills.
  • It should contain the corrected events and also the corrected items of the bill.

Sample Letters


Re. Correction of the Invoice- Responding to the Invoice Objection Letter Dated (Date)

Dear vendor,

This letter has been written on behalf of the [mention the name of the company]’s administration. I am [name] and I work as a client coordinator in this company. As you know, we supplied and dispatched [X] KGs of Mangoes to the [name of the vendor’s point] on [date].

On [date], I received a letter through email on the weekend that states that the amount mentioned in the invoice is wrong and apparently undercharged. According to the letter, the invoice mentioned an amount of $[X] for an estimated cost of $[X]. It seemed to be a typographical error done by the system or any data coordinator. 

We looked into this and found out that the invoice sent to you was inaccurate and mistakenly mentioned an amount of $[X]. The amount mentioned in the invoice is evidently undercharged. We have reprinted the invoice by deleting the inaccurate amount. The actual payable amount is $[X] and has been mentioned in the revised invoice.

Please find the invoice attached. A copy of the same invoice has been sent to other relevant departments to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Please acknowledge the receipt of the invoice by email. I apologize for the trouble caused by the wrong invoice. We have advised our data coordinating team to be careful next time and proofread the invoice before sending them. Thank you.



Letter correcting invoice that undercharged

Letter File 56 KB


Re. Letter Correcting the Invoice that Undercharged for the Order # [XYZ], Product #[abs – xyz]

To whom it may concern,

I am [name], the [designation], [name of the company]. We have been supplying interior goods to your company’s headquarters and branches since 20XX. Both companies have tied into a great professional relationship that is not only long-term but is reliable and indestructible.

First, I thank you for becoming an active part of this relationship and always considering and appreciating our service. On [date], I received a letter from your office asking for a correction of the invoice. I have done the required correction and attached the invoice with this letter.

On [date], we dispatched all the goods ordered for the interior decor and renovation. The goods were received on [date], however, the invoice that was sent by the coordination team was inaccurate and put a much lower amount in the invoice than the actual amount.

The actual cost of the services provided inclusive of all the taxes and transporting expenditures is USD [X]. However, the amount mentioned in the invoice is USD [X]. It is obvious that the written amount is wrong and has been mistakenly typed. Therefore, I have reprinted the invoice by making important and required alterations.

Please have a look at the invoice and let me know if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact me at [phone] or [email]. Please acknowledge when you receive the invoice. Also, we have canceled the status of the invoice previously sent. Thank you. 

Best Regards,



Attachment: Invoice # [1dsa0232]; Revised

Letter correcting invoice that undercharged

Letter File 56 KB

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