Proposal Letter to Hire Additional Staff

Employees are the driving force of the company and without them, the success and growth of an organization are not possible. Even one person working on a single post is extremely important for smooth working for a company. Therefore, a company needs to take notice when it needs more people to work for it.

Usually, businesses that work smoothly over the years grow with time and with this, the demand for more staff members increases. Keeping an eye on the number of people available and a number of people that are needed can help an organization never have to face a situation when there is a lack of a workforce.   

What is a proposal letter to hire additional staff?

It is a proposal letter written by different recruitment companies to many companies where they have felt that more staff is needed. In some cases, the HR manager in a company also writes this letter after seeing the lack of people working in a company.

Why should one write a proposal letter to recruit additional staff?

This proposal letter is the same as other proposal letters because it enables a person to make an offer. At the same time, it is a bit different from other proposal letters because the person who writes it is not trying to sell his services or any product usually or simply wants permission to hire additional staff. 

 This letter is also considered to be useful for a business also because a company gets to know about the lack of people in the company due to which, they hire the staff on time instead of going through the situation when there are fewer people working and operations of a company are going slow. 

Some businesses try to save money by not hiring more people and trying to utilize the existing number of people. This can work for a small-scale company but when it expands its operations, it will need additional staff. Usually, it is the hiring manager and the supervisor who feels the lack. The recruitment companies write the proposal letter to HR because they aim to help people in hiring people. 

What should be included in the proposal letter for hiring more staff?

The elements of the proposal letter are the deciding factor for the recipient that helps them in deciding whether they should accept the offer or not. Therefore, the following components of the proposal letter are the most appropriate ones that a reader would like to see in this proposal letter:


If you are writing on behalf of your recruitment company, you should start the letter with an introduction to your company. Introduce yourself and then tell how and in what way you help organizations meet their additional staff needs. Describe your recruitment-related services so that the reader can know what type of work you perform for your clients. 

If you are someone working in the company, introduce yourself with your name, the position you are working on, and much more. 

Describe the problem of the lack of staff members:

Your proposal letter is not going to be successful if you don’t touch the pain point of the reader. Discuss that the company does not have enough staff members and also discuss some of the problems that are being faced by existing staff members, customers, and clients of the company. This will be helpful for you to convince the reader to hire additional staff. 

State the benefits of hiring additional staff:

To write a more convincing letter, state the benefits a company will reap if it chooses to get the recruitment services and hires additional staff. These benefits should be in the perspective of growth and development that is being impacted due to not having sufficient numbers of employees in the company. 

Give recruitment details:

If there are a few positions in which there is a lack of skilled people, you can mention the names of those positions and also give the job description of those positions. Explain the number of people the company needs to hire and how much time it will take if you pitch in and help the company in recruiting additional staff. 

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Proposal Letter to Management for Additional Staff

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Proposal Letter to Management for Additional Staff

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