Proposal Letter for Hiring Staff

It is a formal letter in which the sender makes an official offer to the organization’s stakeholders about hiring a new workforce. This letter is written by someone working in the company who can perceive a need to have a new staff in the company for fulfilling various kinds of duties.

The purpose of this letter is always to suggest to the employer that the company should hire new people. If an employer likes the suggestion, action is taken and new people are hired.

How to write an offer letter for recruitment?

Your proposal letter should be convincing for the reader because the employer should be convinced that a new workforce is needed and there is no other way a company can avoid it. Following are some guidelines for writing an effective letter:

Give your introduction:

Let the employer know about you so that you can understand who the person suggesting him to hire more people is and whether that person’s suggestion or proposal can be entertained or not.

Describe the need of the company:

When you propose something to someone, you first have to prove that you have perceived the needs. So, describe that you have found people currently working are not enough for the smooth working of a company. Therefore, the company should consider hiring new people.

Following are two proposal letters that you can read for better assistance.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Proposal for hiring new staff for [X]

Dear sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I have identified the company needs to hire 5 more people to carry out its smooth day-to-day operations. Currently, the company requires permanent full-time employees who can work as customer service representatives. The company has failed to provide the best services to its customers and due to this, the customers are not satisfied. Therefore, such people should be hired who can provide customers with the services in a timely fashion.

As you know, our brand has been making progress for the last couple of years. We have increased our number of customers by 50%. This increase has been seen due to the best services that we provided to them. However, recently I have noticed that there is an alarming decline. People I am suggesting hiring should be able to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Communicating with customers to let them know about new services of our brand
  2. Resolving issues of any sort faced by customers.
  3. Providing an improved experience for the user.
  4. Retaining old customers by increasing their satisfaction level pertaining to the customer services

I am fully aware of the fact that sometimes it is not possible for the company to hire 5 people in one go due to tight budgets. However, if you consider the salaries of individuals and hire individuals at the entry level and then training them can help our company save money.

I hope that you will consider our recommendation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Subject: Proposal for hiring new staff during [X] for [AYZ]

Dear sir,

This letter is being written to draw your attention to a crucial matter of hiring new staff. Currently, fewer people are working in the management department than needed. Due to this, management tasks are getting late and the company is receiving complaints from customers and clients.

Considering this, I would like to propose that you hire at least 3 people that can perform managerial roles. According to my observation, it is a very crucial time for our company to do the recruitment of individuals because the company is losing its customers due to not having enough workforce.

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