Proposal Letter to Increase Number of Staff

The communication present between personnel managers as well as business leaders is vital to make certain that companies function effectively. Managers will be able to recognize any needs in their departments concerning additional staff and may have to make some hiring requests with the boss.

It is important to write this letter carefully and in a formal way so that it is taken seriously. You need to know how to write the request effectively when you want to increase staff members.

In the letter, you need to show why you need the extra staff so that the reader can be convinced of this. They should agree to the proposal and allow you to hire extra people. Highlight any benefits that will be present when you hire more people.

The company needs to see that its resources are being used effectively and not being wasted. Show how you will handle the extra costs of having to pay the new employees. You need to state any challenges that can arise if additional staff is not present so that the reader can see the whole story and decide what will be best for the company.

Make sure that the letter is a convincing one so that your request can be accepted. You should write it in a professional way. It is important to read it before sending it to see if there are any spelling and grammar errors present in it. It should be written in a way that the reader sees the benefits to the company of hiring more people.

Request to hire additional staff

It is a letter written by the manager which lets the boss know that they need to hire extra people. The letter will tell why this is important and how it can help the business out. The letter should be convincing so that the reader accepts the request.

When you need to write the proposal letter to increase the number of staff, you should write it in a convincing way by keeping the following tips in mind:

Explain the need:

You should discuss why you want to hire additional staff at the start of the letter. Include every detail like how many people you require, why they are needed and for how long, etc. You should give proper reasons why you need to hire more people.

State the benefits:

You need to highlight the benefits of the extra staff and convince the boss of how they can help the company out.

How cost will be handled:

The reader may want to know the ways that these employees will fit within the company budget. Research on this and tell how you may be able to reallocate cash to cover more employees.

Alternative of not hiring additional staff:

It is a good idea to tell any potential challenges which can happen without additional staff.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Request to increase the staff for [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter as I have identified the need to hire (state number) additional full-time permanent staff members for the customer service team. It is necessary to have customer service representatives to aid the team in better handling customer issues in a timely way.

The increase in our customer base requires the need of hiring more people to listen to their concerns so that our communication is effective.

I know we will need to pay these people and so I looked at my team’s budget and saw there are funds that we can reallocate to pay these people.

If we do not hire more people, it can affect the satisfaction level of customers.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.


Subject: Request for additional staff members in the [X] department

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing to request the need to hire (state number) additional part-time permanent staff members on the new project team. We need these people so that the project can be carried out effectively.

The project is an extensive one that requires more professionals to be able to handle it. Adding extra people to the team can help get us more ideas and make certain the project is a success.

I know the need to pay these people and so have seen the team’s yearly budget and found out that some funds can be reallocated to help pay a certain amount of the costs.

It is important to hire these people as the project cannot be completed in time without their help.

I am looking forward to continuing the conversation.

Proposal Letter to Increase Number of Staff
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