Apology Letter for Offensive Behavior of Employee at Desk

All businesses and companies need to show clients that they care about giving a good service. When there is any issue in services or if an employee has acted rudely, it can impact the way that a client looks at the company.

The case may arise that an employee at the main desk did not behave properly with some clients. When this happens, it is not good for the business. It is important to apologize to the person so that they do not stop doing business with you. You need to do this formally and professionally.

Immediately write an apology letter…

It can be done with the help of an apology letter for the offensive behavior of the employee at the desk. The letter should be a sincere one and show the reader that you are sorry, and that this will not happen again. It should be a well-worded letter.

Write your words without any mistakes…

You need to make sure that there are no grammatical and spelling errors in the letter. Therefore, you should proofread it before sending it. If there are any errors, it shows the reader that you are not sincere with the apology. You can lose clients in this way.

The format of the letter must also be a formal one. You can type it on your company’s letterhead. It should be signed as well so that you can show it is a valid letter. Make sure that the reader feels like your company is sorry. You can give some compensation to the client especially if it is a loyal customer that the company.

Should be written by an official…

It is a professional letter that the employer or human resource manager will write to a client who has not been treated well due to an employee being rude to them at the main desk. This letter will show the client that you care about giving them a good service and are sorry for this inconvenience. The letter will give the client the satisfaction that your company is sorry for the behavior.

Do not forget to include the following…

If you need to write an apology letter and show the reader that you are sincere, you should make it in a professional way by keeping the following points in mind:

Do not add unnecessary stuff:

It is important to get right to the point by beginning the letter by saying that you are sorry for the offensive behavior. You should tell what the offensive behavior was and why you think it is wrong. Show that the company is sorry for the way that the employee behaved.

State what actions will be taken:

You should tell what actions will be taken against the employee and how your company will try and refrain from this happening again. If you are providing any compensation to the client, state this as well.

End by hoping the client will still want your services:

Let the reader know that you regard them as being important and that you hope they will continue getting your services/products.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Apology for offensive behavior by Mr./Ms. [X]

Dear Ms. ABC,

I am writing this letter to apologize for the way that (name of employee) behaved with you on (give date and time) when you were at our desk. It was wrong for him/her to behave like this, and we are glad that you informed us of their behavior. We sincerely apologize for this.

We will be taking action against (name of employee) and will make sure that you will not be faced with this type of behavior again.

We hope that you will continue your relationship with us.


Subject: Apology for offensive behavior by [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

We are apologetic for the actions and behavior showed by Mr. [X] at the desk. The incident took place on [DATE] when Ms. [Y] one of your representatives visited our place for some business. On investigation, we found Mr. [X] guilty of the incident and referred the case to the management for further action. We deeply apologize for all this.

You must believe that the management committee will thoroughly investigate the matter and the finding will be shared with you. We make sure that such incidents will never be repeated.

We have had a very good business relationship and hope that we will be doing business on even better terms in the future.