Email to Vendor Requesting Updated Invoice


Please take this message as a request to update the invoice from last month. It holds in a few mistakes that require correction. I have indicated errors in the invoice and it is my request to investigate the matter and settle it. Please issue me revamped invoice as soon as possible.

I had ordered 6 cartons of electronic appliances and on [mention date] I received the same. The invoice contains 8 cartons of electronic appliances. The order procured also consists of 6 cartons and it has been changed to 8 cartons in the invoice.

I request you to please go through the matter as it is a typing mistake. Kindly send me an updated invoice and I hope that I will not face the same issue again. Thank you for taking into account my request.


Hope you have been doing well. I am writing this to request you to send me the updated invoice for the products I bought from your website. I work in a private firm and I have to show my company the order list. I provided my own account number for payment. I have received all the products but the number of products mentioned in the invoice is more than the actual order. I request you to please send me a new invoice on an immediate basis. I hope you will solve the matter and I am looking forward to a positive response from you.


This message is to ask you to resend me an invoice for my recent purchase from your outlet. I got your services on [mention date] and after coming back home I found the error in the invoice. I bought ten items but the mistake in the invoice is making it 13 and I was asked to pay more bills. This issue can be resolved if you scrutinize the matter and reissue me a new invoice. I have to send the invoice to my organization in order to take money from them. So I request you to please do it till [mention date]. Your active participation will be of great favor to me.


I am Meghan Mark and I ordered cosmetic products from your official website on [mention date]. I am writing this message to request you to send me a new invoice as the previous one has an error. My name has been mentioned incorrectly as Marshal and I pledge you to amend it. I have forwarded you the picture of the invoice. In case I confront any warranty issues then the updated invoice will be of great help to me. I am hopeful that you will ponder over my request and will make the amendments. For more query, you can contact me.


I am very disappointed to let you know about the bad experience I have had with your service. On [mention date] I visited your outlet and bought few things but I received problematic itemization. Firstly, the date was mentioned wrong and the quantity of the products had been increased than the actual buying. I faced a lot of issues due to this as the actual amount of the bill was way increased.

I need an updated invoice and I request you to please resolve the problem on an immediate basis. I know this has not been done intentionally and I do not want to go on bad terms with you due to this. I would be highly obliged to you for sending me an updated invoice.


I am Steward Michael and writing you this message to draw your attention to an error in the invoice. I have endorsed the itemization details in the message and I ask you to go through the matter and issue me a new invoice.

The actual order consisted of 200 oil cartons but the number mentioned in the invoice was 250. This is typing error and therefore I request you update it. I hope that I will not encounter the same issue again and the concerned department will be heedful to generate reckoning. Thank you for giving kind consideration to my request.

Email to Vendor Requesting Updated Invoice

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