No Due Certificate Letter

We often require a certificate that certifies that we have earned a particular skill or qualification. For example, when we work in a company, we require an experience certificate that is proof that we have gained the experience. When we have a certificate, we don’t need to prove anything else since it speaks on its own. 

What is a No Due certificate letter?

It is a letter that an organization issues when it has issued all the certificates to the individual that were due and now no certificate is due. The purpose of writing this letter is to ensure that the reader has come to know that there is no certificate due and in the future, he cannot claim or request another certificate. This letter is most commonly used by banks. 

What are the benefits of the No Due certificate?

It nullifies the authority of a person:

In case a person has borrowed some money from a bank and has returned the money, the bank will issue the letter of no due certificate which means that no person in the bank has now the authority to ask the borrower to pay the loan since the loan has been paid. In other words, this letter is a type of settlement document. 

It helps get clearance:

When a person leaves a company, he gets the clearance of dues, collects all the documents such as certificates, and references, and returns all the documents and whatnot. After performing all these processes, the employee can be sure that he has got the clearance, and now no there is no other document that he has claimed. 

It gives freedom to the employer:

Many employees keep nagging their employers quite often to get a certificate from them. This often creates trouble for employers. So, when all the certificates have been issued, the employer can issue the No Due Certificate letter which is a clear message to the employee that he cannot ask for any other certificate now. 

How to write a No Due certificate letter?

Writing this letter effectively is very important because when you are clear about the information you state, the reader can understand the letter in a better way and things become more vivid. Here are a few steps following which, you can write a No Due Certificate letter:

Clear that no certificate is due:

This letter should be started with a clear statement that you have issued all the certificates that were due. For writing this part, mention the name of the person you have issued all the certificates, mention the duration of the employment in the company, and then state that you are giving the clearance. 

Mention the list of certificates:

When you write a No Due certificate, it is because you are sure that you have already issued all the certificates and there is nothing a person can claim again. To make it clear to the reader, make a list of certificates that have already been issued. 

Mention the relevant departments:

Many times, different departments issue different types of certificates to the person. So, when a list of certificates is outlined, the name of the relevant department should be stated in front of the certificate’s name. 

Signatures of HOD:

Every department has a head that confirms the issuance of the certificate. The signatures of the HOD are the confirmation from the higher authority and after these signatures, it is confirmed that no certificates are due. 

Mention the settlement statement:

A No Due Certificate letter is a type of settlement letter because it keeps the people on one page and no claim can be made by any person again regarding the issuance of the certificate. In the end, write a settlement statement before closing the letter. 

Get a template:

A template is a useful tool for people who don’t want to waste their time writing a letter from scratch. The template provides a ready-made letter that is already written and the person writing it is not expected to change the format or work on other components of the letter. The template helps draft the letter with tailored details.



To Whom It May Concern

I am Davis Hawk, CEO of ABC Organization, and writing this letter to corroborate that Ms. Ifra Gull has been our part. She worked with us for five years having employee ID 123XY6. She is resigning from her job as assistant manager and there is no conscript towards the company.

Ifra has provided the company with all the documentation and belongings that were under her use. Till [mention date] she has unclogged all summation to the organization. If we come to know later about any share that has been misheard, then for auxiliary accommodation Ifra will be back to the company.


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter for Ms. Ifra Gull who has worked with us from [DATE] to [DATE]. Ms. Ifra was working in the capacity of [TEXT] and had full authority to conduct the [responsibilities].

During her career, she achieved various milestones and helped the company progress in its business. The company has issued many certificates own to various achievements by Ms. Ifra.

This letter declares that the company has issued all the certificates to Ms. Ifra regarding every achievement and service that she has provided till her last day at the job. And it should be noted that the company has a No Due Certificate that is asked for/required by Ms. Ifra after her resignation from the job.


No due certificate letter

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