Proposal Letter to Management for Additional Staff

Re. Proposing Hiring of Additional Staff

Dear Recruitment Team, I am writing this letter to propose the hiring of additional staff in the operational section and quality assurance team of the industry. Currently, this is observed that the workload has exceeded the available workforce to manage our internal and external operations. To cater to the problems prevailing in the industry, our team of project management met and decided to hire more people subject to the projects either on a contract basis or on permanent employment.

Our team of project management met on [date] in the conference hall. We realized the importance of hiring additional talent to cater to the problems prevailing in the industry. We observed a gap in the completion of the projects on the given deadlines on account of the non-availability of the workforce.

Currently, we need more team members in two sections;

  1. Operational Section: In the operational section, we need to hire seven employees for the following vacant seats: assistant operations manager, general store manager, chemical expert, environmental crew, data operations manager, data expert for operations, and an assistant supervisor.
  2. Department of Quality Assurance: In the section of quality assurance, we need to hire two employees for the vacant position of Assistant quality assurance (QA) Manager and labor supervisor staff (LSS).

To hire the required talent, instructions have been attached to this letter. If we could hire the additional staff needed in the same month, we will be able to produce and save surplus and complete our projects and assignments within the given deadline.

During the era of Covid-19, the industry had to shut down many departments and made a massive layoff from the workplace. Our industry saw some huge downsizing and restructuring during 2019-2020. However, after normalizing the situation, we realize the dearth of the needed workforce.

Proposing the hiring of additional staff, I hereby suggested keeping the requirements and relevant experience in consideration. Moreover, we can make recommendations for the hiring of staff from our already working employees.

If you have any questions, kindly ask. Thank you.



Proposal Letter to Management for Additional Staff

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Re. Hiring of Additional Staff Proposal Letter w.r.t. Discussion in the Meeting Dated [date]

Dear [Name of the Colleague/employee],

I am writing this letter to propose the hiring of additional staff reflecting on our discussion in the meeting with CEO Mr. [Name] on [mention the date]. In the meeting, it was discussed that the company’s work has been working on multiple projects at the same time. Meanwhile, we have fewer people to work on the projects. Due to this lack of manpower, we are lacking behind in the completion of given tasks.

To cater to this problem, I propose the hiring of additional staff so that we can meet the workload and demanding workforce. We need more people on the research team so that they work on the research projects and come up with the required data and facts to understand international projects and work on them in a particular way.

Moreover, we need to hire people for the content management team who can assist our senior content managers and writers by editing, proofreading, writing, and publishing relevant content.

In the same way, we need two economists who can keep the company’s budget and its economic affairs in place. Moreover, economists would be able to understand the auditing and budgeting plans of different companies and projects which help us in growth and assignments related to economic data and analysis.

If you have questions regarding this, we can discuss them in person. Please let me know of your availability hours so that we can meet and discuss further. Thank you.



Proposal Letter to Management for Additional Staff

Letter Sample File 83 KB