Query Letter Samples for Negligence of Duty

Letter #1

Dear Kim, you have been showing negligence in performing work duties for the past three weeks. This letter has been purposed for the same purpose to know the core reason for such behavior. We want an explanation why are you not sincere to work.

I have been reported that you do not take work seriously and remain busy on calls often. You know well that only official and urgent calls are allowed on office premises. You are openly violating the company’s rules and making your coworkers aggressive with your unprofessional behavior. You do not come to the office prepared and always delay the work. We do not want such employees to work with us who are not loyal.

All this has made me upset and this query letter wants you to tell us why you are doing so. As a regular employee, you are required to be punctual and execute your tasks before the deadline. This negligence paves the way for the company’s economic downfall. Therefore, I am warning you to show seriousness towards work.

Letter #2

Your continuous bad performance has forced me to write this query letter. I came to know through sources that you are not paying attention to work and delaying tasks. You were warned many times but it did not make you change your behavior. The tasks you perform consist of countless errors in it. I want to ask you why you are not showing consistency in demonstrating tasks.

You have performed outstanding in the past and this sudden change has made me worried about you. Whatever the reason may be, you are not allowed to break the company’s set principles. You have to work as per the guidelines provided to you.

Your carelessness can cause a big financial loss for the company. It is my sincere advice to you to start doing work seriously otherwise I will take strict action against you. I do not want such kind of complaint from your side.  I hope you will not disappoint me.

Letter #3

I am discontented in writing this letter based on your non-criterion work performance.  The organization is very concerned about its employees, and therefore, we demand an explanation from you. We appreciate hard-working employees and relax them from burdensome work when they require it. You did not talk about any such problem to your direct manager. He tried to counsel you many times to focus on your work.

Despite being given many warnings, you behaved disrespectfully. You are accused of pending tasks, tardiness, and behaving ruthlessly. This irresponsible vantage point is not expected from you as I always found you focused and honest. You have lowered your status by making numerous mistakes. To continue work with, please stay within limits and instead of pondering over baseless matters, focus on your career.

Letter #4

I have been informed of your carelessness at the workplace which was very shameful for me. Your recent performance is not meeting the organization’s criteria. This is seriously going to affect your future if you do not take steps to improvise yourself. It is not only the first time that I got a complaint against you.

Your colleagues often report to me about you, and each time I calm them saying he will learn with time. You do not even come fully prepared for meetings and remain lethargic mostly. You need to make a lot of effort to make your performance standard. I believe that you will work again with the same positivity and vigorousness. Kindly meet me tomorrow at 11 am as I want to discuss more about it.

Letter #5

Dear Tom, please respond to this letter immediately after you receive it. You have made us disheartened with your low performance. You were handed over the important task of finishing a wildlife documentary before [mention date]. The due date is approaching and I have not any updates about this. This project keeps vital importance for the company’s success as we have invested a lot in it.

Your previous performance record is satisfactory and seeing that we assigned you a documentary task. Your negligence is non-negotiable and you will be imposed with severe penalty if you do not change yourself. Tomorrow you will give me an overview of the work you have done so far.

Query letter sample for negligence of duty