Justification Letter for Additional Staff

Letter #1

Re. Justification of the Proposal of Hiring Additional Workforce for the Sector-905 Project based on Necessity and Unmanageable Workload

I am writing to show my sincere concerns on the matter of hiring new employees for the project of providing budget phones, which is called the sector 905 project. The company finalized its proposals and started working on this project with the partnership of W-IT Groups, CA. The work has started on the project, and thus we are feeling the dire need for an additional workforce.

With the open sale of budget phones to the millions of people in the sector 905 area, we are confronted with the issue of overburdening. Our workers have been overburdened and paying extra time for the goals, which is already having a negative impact on the company’s reputation. Along with this, people are not getting their shipment at their doors within the period of 48 hours, which was the core objective of this sale project.

The company’s website is bearing hundreds of complaints about the shipment process, which is also because of the understaffed workload. This is ruining the objectives and goals of the Sector 905 project.

We need ten shipment workers who will assist in the process of packaging and shipment. We also need three data operators who will enter the required data into the project systems. Besides, we also need a sales associate who can associate all the marketing valuation of the project with the company’s project ideology and establish financial statements for personal, commercial, and bank records.

Talking about the fiscal acclivity, it will cost the company $[X] to hire the aforesaid staff on a temporary basis for a period of six months (until the project completes). With this monetary state, we can still achieve more than $1.8 million, which is our goal for this project.

For customer satisfaction, smoother and better service, and a positive impact on the employees, I request that you look into this matter and consider my justification by reviewing the flow sheets and investment sheet that have been enclosed with the letter. I will be thankful to you for this consideration. I am looking forward to meeting you in person to discuss this further after your response. Thank you.


Luc Still
Marketing Executive Officer
I-OPRA, California
34A Stickart Station Avenue, California, USA

Justification Letter for Additional Staff

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Letter #2

Re. Justifying the Requirement of Additional Staff for Outbreak of Workload in the KYEL Construction Project-20XX Contract no. EC-002J9

Dear Noah,

This is Michael Kirstein, the assistant manager at Stigma Dock Groups. I appeal to you to say that we require an additional workforce to accomplish the tasks in lieu of KYEL Construction Project 20XX.

The contracted project was to be initiated on 01-02-20XX, but it has not been initiated well till today. The final launch of the project is on 12-12-20XX, and the presentation has to be completed before 30-11-20XX. The team of KYEL has been given the schedule of project completion until 01-12-20XX. The project barely has ten months of work; therefore, I request that you investigate the following details on the hurdles of project initiation:

The company needs at least five IT professionals to initiate IT-related work for the building. We also need about 2–3 officials for data analysis and one associate for project analysis. All these additional staff members are required to make the project’s work smoother, quicker, and easier. I have attached the fiscal year sheet and data statistics with the letter for your convenience, which will indicate that it does not affect our profit margin.

The recruitment of additional staff on a temporary basis for eleven months can be of great importance as it has a great impact on the project’s accomplishment. Other details have been attached. Please email me at [email protected] for further evaluation or queries. Thank you!


Michael Kerstein
The Assistant Manager
Stigma Dock Groups
45-C Flock Heights, California, USA

Justification Letter for Additional Staff

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