Complaint Letter for Price Discrepancy

Letter #1

Re. Complaint on Encountered Price Discrepancy

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am submitting my complaint about the encountered price discrepancies from your web store. I was scrolling through my Facebook while I came to look at your web page that was presenting and launching some newer domestic products which included cutlery, crockery, bed sheets, and curtains. The prices were discounted at a considerable amount which instigated me to order some for my home.

I ordered one bedsheet by Comforts and a few cutlery products from my kitchen. The tagged prices of these products were $10 and $12, respectively. When I checked out, my total bill was $24.7 including all taxes and delivery charges. Today, when I received my order, I had to pay $39.7. When I investigated the bill, it went as follows.

  1. Bedsheet by Comfort: $17
  2. Flatware Set: $19
  3. Shipping charges: $3.7 (remained same)

I was shocked as I had purchased these items from the discount section. I managed to contact the customer care of your webpage who told me that these products were not included in the discount section. After my call, I visited the website again and checked the prices of the items I bought. They were still tagged in discounted section. I took screenshots of them as proof (please find the images enclosed).

Sir, I paid an amount of $15 extra due to a possible error on your side. It seems to be a price discrepancy that is illegal and very immoral on the part of the business holder. I request you to investigate this and refund my extra paid amount of $15 as soon as possible otherwise I will be compelled to take this matter to consumer court for a legal proceeding.

You can contact me at [email] or +1[X]. All the details have been enclosed in jpg format along with a pdf file of the invoice. Thank you.


Mike Anderson
90-C Arab Heights, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Complaining the Confronted Price Discrepancy in Readers Book Shop on 23-01-20XX

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Herrick A. Mike from the Union County of New Jersey; CA. I am extremely displeased to confront the price discrepancy at your store. I could not endure without writing this to you because of this regretful experience at your bookstore.

I am a very regular customer of your holding a customer loyalty card. I visited your store on 23rd January 20XX. I had to buy a few new arrivals by J. K. Rowling and Stephen King. I was prompted to visit the shop as I had gone through the website telling an in-store flat 20% off on J. K. Rowling and Stephen King’s new arrivals. I rushed to the store and bought the latest editions of both.

The total payable amount according to the price tags was $47 whereas when I got to the cash counter my bill was a total of $75. When I asked the cashier, he, rudely, turned his back to me and told me that he has to check my bill account according to the system database and cannot assist anymore.

I request you to look into this and refund the difference which is $28 and reveal the hidden values after reevaluating and reconsidering the values of the items purchased by reconciling the database values with the tagged ones. I shall be grateful to you if you consider my complaint and instruct your team to look into this and make a speedy correction.

I am available at [contact] for any queries. I am hoping that my matter will be resolved at priority without impelling me to register my complaint in consumer court.


Herrick E. Mike
34-D G-3, Sector 9, Edward Avenue
Summit, Union County of Jersey, CA, USA

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