Complaint Letter for Overcharged Bill

Letter #1

Re. Complaining the Overcharged Bill on 02-02-20XX on Specific Products

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Helen Watson from the David Elson Road, LA. I visited your store in KE-block in LA on 02-02-20XX to buy some groceries, vegetables, and other food items. I bought a long list of items for my week and found a discount of 30% on the milk powder by Ms-Kays, protein powder by StrongBox, and porridge by [Milkyway]. I bought all these three items to get the benefit of discounted offer.

When I check out from cash counter no. 4, I was charged with the original prices without cutting down the amount of discount i.e., 30%. I managed to talk to the cashier who refused any kind of help. He did not only refuse but also remained rude and offensive while discussing the actual rate and overcharging. See, businesses are run with professionalism, a strong and active team, and an accurate mannerism.

I experienced shopping from your store for the very first time and your first impression has totally spoiled the impressions I used to hold about your store while looking at it from the outside. My shopping experience was also not so good due to no cooperation from your staff.

I have enclosed the image of the bill charged highlighting the disputed prices and details of the products bearing their rates. I am expecting a refund of the amount overcharged from me otherwise I will be impelled to turn to file a complaint about this to the consumer court.

I shall be thankful to you if you investigate this matter and rebuke your team and train them well to get proper demeanor in dealing with customers. I also suggest you build a customer care office along with each branch of your store.

My contact details are given as, for [email], for call: +[X]. I thank you in anticipation hoping for your full cooperation in this regard.


Helen Watson
34-C Jack Sartre, David Elson Road
LA, California, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Complaining the Overcharged Billing of the Electricity and Un-notified Increase in the Rates per Unit. 

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you to bring your attention to the continuous issues of the overcharged bill and increase in the electricity charges without notifying. I hope you will review my complaint and give a speedy response.

I am from the city of New York and have been living here for seven years. I am facing the issue of overcharge billing on electricity bills for the last two months. I had filed a complaint in the New York Electricity Supplying Company and elaborated all the matter to the Assistant Director of the NY-ESC.

When I received my February bill, I was shocked by looking at it as my electricity bill was three times more than its usual amount. Sir, I am a bachelor and I live alone in this 200 sq/ft apartment. I cannot believe that a 200 sq/ft apartment can consume so much electricity to charge me a bill of $860 incl. tax.

I was outstation for two weeks during this month and the consumption was two times lower this month. I have attached the images of my return ticket along with proof of my outstation stay. I have also enclosed the bills for my six months to give you an idea of my electricity consumption on regular basis.

I request you to investigate if anyone is stealing the electricity from the general connection or an error in the system database. I shall be grateful to you if you deal with this matter and resolve it at your earliest. My contact details are the following:

Email: [TEXT]
Fax: +[X]
Ph: +[X]


David Henfield
45-F F-11, F-Sector, NYC
New York, USA

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