Justification Letter for Late Attendance

Letter #1

Re. Justification and Explanation of the Late Attendance from 01-02-20XX

Dear Helen,

I am Oliver Deck, the Assistant Finance Manager in the Docomolen Staffa Groups. I intend to explain the reasons behind my late attendance from 01-02-20XX. I received an email from the HR Manager asking me to write an explanation cum justification letter for the late attendance for more than a week. I have been coming to the office at 10:45 from the mentioned date.

Madam, my wife is pregnant for two months. Her first trimester is about to end and the doctor has prescribed some strict precautions and suggested complete bed rest for at least two weeks. It has been suggested to her on certain grounds of complications she is having during her first trimester.

The first trimester always needs strict precautions and measures. I was late for these reasons as I had to manage several things at my place including my kids and their morning routines. Moreover, I cannot leave for the office until my wife’s nurse gets to my place to look after her. Therefore, I could not come to the office in time for the last few days.

I apologize for not informing you of this earlier. I request you to consider these reasons while evaluating my profile. I shall be grateful to you if you would be kind enough to consider my justification after reviewing the copies of prescriptions by the doctor of my wife.

You can contact me at [email] or call me at +1[X]. Thank you.


Oliver Deck
Assistant Finance Manager
Docomolen Staffa Groups
560-C ninth floor, Sky Road Ambia, California, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Justification for the Late and Unmarked Attendance for Several Reasons 

Dear Abraham,

I am Linford Oxy, the Assistant Marketing Operator from the Marketing and Development department of Langland Microfinance and Public Services (LMPS). I am penning to you to prove my eventual unprofessional behavior depicted by my late attendance at the office and unmarked attendance of fifteen days.

Firstly, talking about attending the office later than the office timings for the arrival, I could not appear in the office sharp at 9:30 AM which is the official arrival time of the office. It happened because of some personal and unavoidable issues four times in the last week.

Secondly, I was on time the other days but did not remember to mark my attendance on the manual scanner-CE because of so many preoccupations in mind. I apologize for the gesture of unprofessional behavior and unpunctuality it gave out to you. I am sorry for the forgetfulness and being neglectful for the last week.

I apologize for the trouble my late attendance caused in the office due to some unavoidable circumstances. Now, I am confident that I will not be late in the office again.

I am hoping for your kind consideration of this matter. I shall be at your service for any inquiry or further explanation at [email]. I am also available for the meeting any time during office hours on this matter. Thank you.


Linford Oxy
Assistant Marketing operator
Langland Microfinance and Public Service (LMPS)
Keel Michael Avenue, M-8 Road, California, USA

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